The Dallas Cowboys should try to re-sign Chidobe Awuzie if…

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Under the right circumstances, it may be wise for the Dallas Cowboys to re-sign CB Chidobe Awuzie.

The Dallas Cowboys to-do list is significant this offseason: They need two starting safeties, multiple cornerbacks, at multiple defensive tackles, offensive tackle depth and some new blood at linebacker. Bluntly stated, there’s too much to do for a single offseason.

If the Dallas Cowboys can find a way to proactively check one (or part of one) of those to-do items off the list, they probably should. If the circumstances are right, Chidobe Awuzie could be the right man to target.

Now, the operative phrase is “if the circumstances are right.” In no way am I advocating a multi-year deal here. I’m calling for a 1-year guaranteed offer as a way of Chido getting back, this, his lost season.

the Dallas Cowboys still need to invest premium resources (either top-50 draft picks or significant free agent dollars) to both the safety and cornerback positions

2020 is a contract year for Chidobe Auwzie. It was supposed to be the year Chido put it all together and built up his value for free agency. Playing on a contender like Dallas that had one of the most star-studded pass-rushes in the league, it looked like the perfect environment for Chido to thrive. Alas, nothing in Dallas went as planned.

Not only has Chido found himself injured most of the year, but when he had played it’s been of pretty poor quality. It seemed his health and the general dysfunction of the Dallas Cowboys defense has had quite the negative impact on his game, and if anything, this season has brought his market price down – not up.

In true “buy low” fashion, the Dallas Cowboys could be inclined to offer Chido a modest 1-year deal. It would give Chido a chance at a mulligan year, on a team that he’s familiar with and on a roster that he’s almost guaranteed to start.

The State of the Dallas Cowboys

Look at the Cowboys defensive back situation for next year – There’s no starting CB opposite the boom/bust rookie Trevon Diggs. And with starting safety Xavier Woods expected to be gone, there’s two starting safety positions available. Even reserve cornerback, Jourdan Lewis, is gonna be gone.Chido could help alleviate either/both areas.

Don’t misunderstand it – the Dallas Cowboys still need to invest premium resources (either top-50 draft picks or significant free agent dollars) to both the safety and cornerback positions this offseason. Chido is just additional depth and insurance as new players integrate on a very talent-starved unit.

As we’ve explained countless times, Chido’s college film and scouting report shows he’s a better safety/in-the-box cover player, than he is outside as a boundary cornerback. Given the Cowboys struggles, there will be no shortage of opportunities against tight ends or slot receivers next season.

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Say Dallas uses their top-2 picks on cornerback and safety in the 2021 NFL Draft. Even if both players can slide right into the starting lineup, there’s room for Chido either in the slot or as a safety. As much as I like Donovan Wilson at safety, he’s not exactly well-rounded and is better as a SAF3 or rotational piece than he is as an every-down starter. It would be nice to rotate him and Chido as the situation dictates.

Same with the slot. Anthony Brown hasn’t looked pretty this season inside as the nickel CB. History says he’ll bounce back but it sure would be nice to have someone like Chido to take some of that reliance away.

Chido isn’t the answer at DB for the Dallas Cowboys but he could be a stop-gap and placeholder. If Dallas can guarantee playing time and line his pockets for one year, they may be able to shore up their secondary in just one offseason.

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Would you re-sign anyone in this Cowboys secondary? Are you waiting an extra year to shore it up or do you think it can all be done in one offseason?

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