Dallas Cowboys Complete 7-Round Mock Draft (The ‘Boys Trade Back)

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Dallas Cowboys Draft

Round 3, Pick 68

DT, Tyler Shelvin

The Dallas Cowboys have major issues in the interior of their D-line. The issues started before the season even began. Gerald McCoy was lost in Practice 1 and it’s fair to say the other expected starter, Dontari Poe, was lost at that point as well – we just didn’t know it yet.

Well, neither are in Dallas anymore and the guys who have been playing in their stead haven’t been very good. Antwuan Woods has been ok but he’s a free agent after this season. Young bucks, Trysten Hill and Neville Gallimore have flashed but playing DT at the pro level takes time. Dallas needs an infusion at both the 1 tech/NT spot as well as the 3-tech spot. Ideally the Dallas Cowboys  would bring in veteran to start right away and invest a top 100 draft pick to rotate and develop.

And that’s what we’re doing here…

Depending who you speak to, Tyler Shelvin could go anywhere between Pick 30 and Pick 90 in the upcoming draft. Regarded as the best run-stopping DT in the draft, Shelvin has some elite traits you simply can’t teach.


At 6-foot-3, 362 lbs. Tyler Shelvin is a mountain of a man. If Woods is known as the “trashcan full of dirt”, then Shelvin is the “dumpster full of concrete.”  He manhandles single blockers and holds fast against double teams. He fills gaps with consistency and keeps blockers occupied freeing his LBs behind him to make plays.

The main knock against this dominant force is that he offers nothing in the way of pass rush. He has a slow first step and zero penetration ability. That’s how an otherwise dominant player falls into Round 3 of the draft.

Even just as a 2-down player, a run-stopper like this would be a welcomed sight in Dallas. Added bonus is that he can play NT as a 0-tech in a 3-4 front.