Dallas Cowboys – Broaddus: “Dak Prescott is the one…to drive this deal”

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For the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott to come to a contract agreement, Dak has to force the issue.

The Dallas Cowboys have long been known to always get their man. If the Joneses want to sign a player, they’re going to get it done. If anything, they’ve been criticized for OVER spending on players they want, not playing hardball. That’s why it’s absolutely amazing the Dak Prescott negotiations  have dragged on this long.

For going on three years now, the two sides have been in a constant state of negotiations. A stalemate that promises to trickle into the 2021 offseason.

If no deal is struck this winter, the Dallas Cowboys are all but guaranteed to hit Prescott with the franchise tag again in March. Doing so secures Prescott’s services for one more season but does so at a crippling price (the tag will go up 20% amidst a flatlined salary cap).

The two sides will be under the gun to strike a long-term deal as quickly as possible, for everyone’s sake: For Dak it’s to cash in on some long=term security. For Dallas it’s to move money around and build a contender for 2021.

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But one could say those same motivating factors were in play this past offseason. And despite that, both sides failed to strike a deal. Such a reality makes one wonder why this next year will be any different.  Dak Prescott’s agent, Todd France, is known for his unwavering expectations. And despite the Cowboys reputation for needlessly overpaying players, they appear to be taking a hardline approach with Dak.

It’s clear something or someone has to give. What side exactly? Well, former Dallas Cowboys scout and current media personality Bryan Broaddus seems to think it’s Dak Prescott himself who’s going to have to make this happen.

"“I think Dak Prescott is the one that’s going to have to drive this deal,” Broaddus said on The Draft Show. “He’s going to have to be the one that tells Todd France, ‘Lets sign. Let’s get this done.'”"

Dak almost did just that this past summer when he broke the standoff and contacted the Dallas Cowboys in literally the final hour. Broaddus seems to believe that Dak taking a more active role in negotiations is ultimately what it’s going to take.

Coming off a frightening injury, it’s possible Dak will feel extra motivation to score some financial security that a multi-year deal offers. It also places him back in one of the NFL’s best offenses and arguably gives him his best chance to win in 2021.

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One way or another, Dak Precsott is going to be the QB for the Dallas Cowboys next season. But if it’s on a long-term deal it’s probably because Prescott made it happen.

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