Dallas Cowboys Draft: Which teams could trade up for a QB

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Dallas Cowboys Trade Partners

Philip Rivers is quietly having a decent season, however, he is not the same quarterback he once was. Now, Rivers needs foot surgery after the season, and being 38 does not bode well for Rivers long term. The Colts certainly are using Rivers as a stop-gap and could look to draft his replacement, whether it is 2021 or for 2022.

The issue is the Colts are currently sitting around 23 in the draft, and moving up to the top five would destroy their draft assets. It is not out of the question, but the likelihood of them moving that far up gets distant. The Colts are going to be in the market for a quarterback, but top five may just be too rich.

The Pats

The Patriots seem like a strange name to see here, but Cam Newton is just not the answer in New England. Newton has had a rocky season and is not the playmaker he once was. This leaves the question of whether the Patriots look to move up in the draft and grab one of the top four quarterbacks or if they will sit and let the draft fall to them.

What the Patriots will do in a draft is always a question as they will move around quite a bit. Bill Belichick could rest on his reputation and pick a quarterback at any point in the draft. Moving up is not out of the realm of possibility and Zach Wilson might be the target for “The Hoodie”.