Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft: Defensive Makeover Time

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How the Dallas Cowboys revamp their defense in one simple NFL Draft

The Dallas Cowboys need to attack defense this offseason. If they want to roll into the 2021 season with even a semblance of an average defense, they’ll need to use both free agency and the Draft.

Given the time it takes to develop defensive tackles, and the fact that this draft isn’t particularly strong in interior defensive linemen, we’re going to assume Dallas uses free agency to address the defensive tackle spot. Beyond that, we’re banking on Dallas doing very little to solidify anything via free agency.

“This is the way” utters Stephen Jones.

Even with the wins, Dallas is still picking in the top-10. The slide to Pick 8 means trading back with a QB needy team is unlikely. Zach Wilson will be long gone and Trey Lance’s stock is all over the place. So in this mock draft, the Dallas Cowboys stay at Pick 8 and select their man.

As always, we utilize the Draft Network mock draft simulator and player evaluation. Since it’s still extremely early in the scouting process, I admittedly lean on multiple scouting sites to form opinions (especially Day 3 players).

Let’s get rolling!

Pick 8

Caleb Farley, CB

Virginia Tech

Anytime you can get the top player at his position in the first round you should be happy. The only problem is this is a weak draft for elite defensive prospects.

While some will prefer Patrick Surtain II over Farley, the reality is either player could be the CB1 and neither player is a top-10 pick in most NFL drafts. That isn’t to say they’ll be busts, it’s just they both have warts you don’t expect when you’re selecting players this high.

At 6-foot-2, 197 lbs, Caleb Farley fits the size and length requirements of Will McClay. He’s long, lean, and aggressive. Farley is raw as a cornerback but clearly a natural fit. He has a nose for the ball and elite physical ability.

He’s basically a higher ceilinged version of Trevon Diggs. The sky is the limit but there will be some growing pains. He didn’t play this season and he missed all of 2017 as well. There’s risk associated with this pick but the potential is too high to ignore so if Dallas is forced to pick now, it’s Farley.