Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft: Defensive Makeover Time

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The Dallas Cowboys select…

Pick 189

LaBryan Ray, DT


What if I told you Alabama only had one 5-star linemen on their D-line and he isn’t the kid the Dallas Cowboys drafted with their second pick?

It’s true. LaBryan Ray is the most pedigreed linemen on Alabama and he hasn’t even really played this year (why he’s available to us here). At 6-foot-5 292 lbs, Ray is a do-it-all prospect who has a strong ceiling as well as major position flex.

Ray doesn’t offer much in regards to the pass rush but he’s a strong run-stopper capable of taking over Antwaun Woods’ role as a 2-down trashcan full of dirt. Since we don’t know what type of defense Dallas will show next year, getting a guy like ray who can run-stop from the 4-3 1-tech as well as a 5-tech in a 3-4, is valuable.

He’s a hard worker who can 2-gap – something Dallas would kill for right about now.

Pick 219

Dazz Newsome, WR

North Carolina

Looking at the Dallas Cowboys roster it’s pretty clear CeeDee Lamb will soon be starting on the outside. Whether that’s in 2021 or 2022 remains to be seen, but Lamb and Amari Cooper are the future at WR. That makes now a good time to start grooming a more traditional slot WR – more of the Cole Beasley mold.

Dazz Newsome is an electric slot CB who could be an instant contributor in a variety of ways. The 5-foot-11 homerun threat is a master of separation and physical enough to thrive as a returner and gadget guy as well.