5 Dallas Cowboys likely playing their last game in Dallas

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It’s likely the end of the road for these five Dallas Cowboys here in Big D…

Churn is an inevitability of every NFL roster. In the golden age of free agency and the salary cap, players come and players go. Coming off what’s guaranteed to be a losing season, the churn is expected to be quite significant on the Dallas Cowboys this winter.

Today we’ll look at five Dallas Cowboys players who are likely playing their last game in a Cowboys uniform. We start, with “The General.”

Sean Lee, LB

At the ripe old age of 34, Lee is on the cusp of retirement. His desire to keep playing the game is commendable but the veteran linebacker has clearly lost a step and is no longer the frontline starter he once was.

General Lee has been arguably the greatest Dallas Cowboy of the past decade. He’s been a star on the field and a leader in the locker room. Versatile enough to play multiple roles and selfless enough to take the backseat when asked, Lee has been the perfect example of what a cornerstone player should be.

It’s clear to see, coaching is in Lee’s future. His desire to compete is likely too great to retire from the game completely. The question at hand is when will that fateful day come?

Chances are the Dallas Cowboys intend to reload at LB this offseason. Jaylon Smith’s and Leighton Vander Esch’s days are numbered in Dallas, and 2021 will probably be their last season in Dallas. As such, the Cowboys need to start grooming replacements now in order to smoothly transition in a year. Keeping a veteran like Lee just doesn’t make sense under those circumstances.