Dallas Cowboys Complete 7-round Mock Draft: Fixing the trenches

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Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft

Round 4, Pick 99

CB Keith Taylor


Dallas picked up one CB earlier in the last round to be the replacement outside to Chido but they still need another guy who can be the 4th CB and/or an inside option in the slot to play the man coverage role of SAF Kam Chancellor in Quinn’s defense.

While Donovan Wilson is the perceived playmaker at SS, I worry about his ability to play man coverage inside. That’s why I like the idea of rotating a part-time player in when the situation calls for it.

Both of the roles I just discussed fit this draft pick’s skillset.

Keith Taylor is another scheme-specific player who should fall in the draft and be valued primarily by those Cover1/3 teams I mentioned before. He’s 6-foot-3, 195 lbs., and perfectly built to defend as a boundary CB in Dan Quinn’s defense. He is also well versed playing in the slot as a man coverman, blitzer, and even in run support.

A jack-of-all-trades kind DB, Keith Taylor appears to be this season’s version of Reggie Robinson for Dallas. He needs grooming and he needs refinement. He also needs a coaching staff to give the shots in order for him to carve out a role.

If he can be that all-purpose inside player in the pros that he is for Washington, he could be a very valuable piece for the Dallas Cowboys in coming years.