Dallas Cowboys Draft: 6 possibilities to consider at pick 10

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Dallas Cowboys Draft Option No. 4

Christian Barmore, IDL, Alabama

Christian Barmore made a huge jump on the rankings of interior defensive lineman due to his play in the 2021 National Championship game. Barmore was all over the field and looked unstoppable at points. He is only a sophomore and has not played a lot of football in college but his size and athletic ability makes him worthy at number ten for the Dallas Cowboys.

The upper body strength that he possesses is just unreal. Barmores strength gave him the advantage against offensive fronts. Engaging and sticking with Christian Barmore is tough because of his ability to over power offensive lineman.

The Alabama defensive lineman possesses great swim and arm over moves that help him the most when pressuring quarterbacks. There is only one knock on Christian Barmore when watching him at Alabama. He sometimes plays too high and gets pushed back because of it.

His swim move is the only pass rushing move that has shown to be impactful. Barmore has shown that the more reps he gets in game the stronger he gets as a player. Dallas will need to work on his pass rushing moves but Barmore is young and comes from a great program.

This all makes the sophomore defensive lineman a good pick for the Dallas Cowboys at ten.