The Dallas Cowboys are an ideal place for a free agent QB to sign

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When the Dallas Cowboys signed veteran QB Andy Dalton early in free agency last season, they scored a pretty great deal. The former Pro Bowl quarterback could have signed with multiple franchises, but he opted to sign with Dallas on a sweetheart deal.

The Dallas Cowboys are an attractive franchise to free agent QBs these days. And with names like Jameis Winston, Cam Newton, Philip Rivers, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Mitchell Trubisky, Tyrod Taylor, and Mr. Dalton all set to hit the market this March, Dallas will have an excellent shot at signing one of them to another bargain deal.

Why would a QB do such a thing? For the same reason Dallas Cowboys fans should expect a veteran QB like Dalton to sign with the Cowboys again this offseason.

The Dallas Cowboys should have no problem luring another veteran QB in free agency

Two big things are working in the Dallas Cowboys favor:

  1. They are a high powered offense loaded with receiving talent and all-but guaranteed to produce great results for a QB looking to show his worth
  2. They are unsettled at QB with Dak Prescott still unsigned and coming off major injury.

All of the signal callers we listed (with the exception of Rivers) are playing for another big deal. If they could post big numbers in 2021, they could parlay it into a multi-year deal with someone in 2022. Given the talent the Cowboys has across their O-line and in their pass-catching ranks, Dallas is a great place to boost one’s stock.

And given the dysfunction and dearth of talent on the defensive side of the ball, the potential for shoot-outs is significant, leading to inflated numbers and uncommonly gaudy stats.

We saw last season Andy Dalton put up pretty good numbers as Dak’s replacement. He wasn’t near the passer Prescott was, but he showed he could get the job done and that he still had a little more gas in his tank. As a result, he should get an opportunity to compete for a starting job somewhere in 2021.

Dallas can offer that same opportunity to someone like Cam Newton who was stuck in New England throwing to a roster of no-names. Or Trubisky who clearly needs a scenery change. Or Rivers who wants one more shot. Or Winston who loves to sling it.

Dallas is the perfect landing spot any player trying to show his skills.

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Dallas Cowboys: Dak’s Status

The other factor that makes Dallas so darn attractive is Dak Prescott’s uncertain situation. He played on the franchise tag last year and seems destined to be tagged again here in 2021. The Dallas Cowboys want to come to a long-term deal with him, but heck, they wanted that the past two years. The two sides just haven’t found agreement.

A hold out and/or trade in 2021 isn’t inconceivable. If Dak isn’t signed long-term by the July 15 deadline, he’s a lock to be gone next March. Because then his franchise tag cost goes well above $50 million (an impossible sum for a franchise to digest) and he stands to profit enormously on the open market. When was the last time a QB of Dak’s age and ability hit the market, after all?

If you answered that question I feel pretty confident telling you your answer is wrong, by the way.

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If Dak is unsigned by the time free agency opens, veteran QBs will see an open door and a great opportunity to snag a starting spot on one of the NFL’s most deadly passing attacks (either in ‘21 or in ’22). That’s a heckuva lot better than what most NFL franchises can offer an aging vet in free agency.

Ideally, Dallas comes to a long-term agreement before free agency hits. That way they don’t have to use the tag and they can free up money in the short-term that they can spend on outside free agents. Such a situation would make Dallas a little less attractive than they are today (Dallas would no longer be a realistic option for them long-term), but the Cowboys would still be a great place to boost one’s value if/when they fill in for Dak during the season.

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There are a handful of good quarterbacks hitting the market in free agency this year and the Dallas Cowboys are in excellent position to sign one on a team-friendly deal.

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