Dallas Cowboys: Lets make Wednesday Inauguration Day for Dak Prescott

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Things remain unsettled between the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott. Dak, coming off a horrific season ending injury, remains unsigned. And the Dallas Cowboys, despite saying words to the contrary, remain uncommitted long-term.

If a multi-year deal isn’t agreed upon by March 9th, the Dallas Cowboys are prepared to slap their QB1 with the franchise tag once again. But that’s bad for both sides. It prevents Dak from securing long-term security and it prevents the Cowboys from backloading his money so they can afford to spend in free agency here in 2021.

The Dallas Cowboys should commit to Dak Prescott’s leadership for the next four years

Tomorrow is Inauguration Day in the United States. It’s a time when the country commits to a leader for a term of four years. It’s a time some people bubble over with excitement and a time when others seep in anger. It’s a pretty big deal to everyone.

In the spirit of commitment let’s make Wednesday inauguration day for Dak Prescott as well.

Committing the next four years is exactly what the Dallas Cowboys should be doing with Dak Prescott.  Last heard, the Cowboys and Dak were fairly close in terms of compensation. It was the length of the deal that drew the line in the sand.

The Dallas Cowboys wanted a deal in the 5-6 year range. Dak Prescott’s camp didn’t want to go any longer than 4-years. At face value that seems strange since you’d think Dak would want the bigger deal and Dallas would want the smaller deal. But just beneath the surface it’s understandable why the demands are the way they are.

Dallas wants a long-term deal that they can backload. That way they can afford other players now and when the cap explodes after the upcoming TV deal, they’ll have Dak on bargain deal (relative to the market).

Dak knows the cap will rocket after the next TV deal (even in the age of COVID). And he wants to renegotiate once the landscape changes. So he wants a shorter deal that will keep him entuned with the market.

But at this point, enough is enough. The Dallas Cowboys have to commit. And if 4-years gets it done, then so be it. Heck, even a 3-year deal makes sense as long as it can get inked before free agency opens.

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Keep in mind, if Dallas has to use the tag again, they’re all but guaranteed to sit out of free agency. And if it’s not done by the summer franchise deadline, and Dak is forced to play on the tag, then he’s a lock to leave Dallas at this time next year. That’s because he’ll cost well over $50 million to tag a third time, and there’s no chance Dallas can swing that. And since he’ll be on the cusp of cashing in on the free agent market, there’s no chance he signs long-term at this time next year. He’ll want to hit the market.

In the spirit of commitment let’s make Wednesday inauguration day for Dak Prescott. It’s time to sign Dak on a multiyear deal and put this two year long negotiation period to bed. Fans need some peace and the franchise needs some stability.

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Four more years of Dak!

  • Published on 01/19/2021 at 13:01 PM
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