Dallas Mavericks Trade Talk: 3 Players to Target and 3 Players to Avoid

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Dallas Mavericks Trade Options

Bradley Beal, Washington Wizards

If the Dallas Mavericks are looking to add someone who would be an instant contributor that could score 20+ a night. Bradley Beal needs to be number one on the list of players to target. With the Wizards swapping John Wall for Russell Westbrook this season, we know Washington is willing to deal.

It should give the Mavericks hope that they could potentially put together a package to land Bradley Beal before the deadline. Beal has the ability to take over a basketball game and would be a good wingman for Luka Doncic. Dallas would be getting a catch and shoot guard and a guard that can create his own opportunities.

Most importantly Bradley Beal can step in when the Mavericks are having an off game and lead them to victory. With the confidence that Beal plays (he is not afraid of the big moment and definitely not afraid to take the big shot), he’d be a clear asset on the Mavs. The biggest obstacle in acquiring Brandon Beal is what will the Wizards want for him.

Mark Cuban is a business man and can negotiate with the best of them. He would have to put together a perfect package to get Beal. Then he would have to sell the Wizards on why the package he put together is a perfect fit for both teams.

Dallas doesn’t have the big stars to send to Washington but they do have contributors that would help the Wizards. Mavericks cannot give up Porzingis for Beal. If they were to put together a package with Willie Cauley-Stein, Tim Hardaway Jr draft picks – it would be worth a thought for the Wizards.