Dallas Mavericks Trade Talk: 3 Players to Target and 3 Players to Avoid

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Dallas Mavericks Trade Options

Kyle Lowry, Toronto Raptors

This has nothing to do with on or off the court issues with Lowry. It just isn’t a good fit for the Dallas Mavericks to pursue the point guard. Dallas already has a solid group of point guards and do not need another one.

Kyle Lowry would not come to Dallas to back up Luka Doncic. He also would not come to play shooting guard, he would want to play his position. This trade would take the ball out of the best distributor that Dallas has in Doncic.

Lowry would give the Mavericks a scoring boost but what he brings in scoring would bring down other scoring options for Dallas. Kyle Lowry showed that he is willing to take the backseat for other NBA stars. He showed that when Kawhi Leonard signed with the Raptors and took them to an NBA championship.

There is no doubt that Lowry would be a great teammate and bring veteran leadership but the risk is not worth the reward in the end. Not to mention the Toronto Raptors would want a replacement for Lowry in the deal and high draft picks. It would take a lot off the Dallas Mavericks team and Kyle Lowry wouldn’t be able to make up for what they lose.