Dallas Mavericks Trade Talk: 3 Players to Target and 3 Players to Avoid

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Dallas Mavericks Trade Options

Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls

In this, the Dallas Mavericks would be getting a shooting guard who can get to the rim with ease. Zach LaVine has outrageous leaping abilities. He has shown that in the dunk contest and during the course of his career.

LaVine has made the right adjustments to his craft to make him a better basketball player all around. He has almost eliminated the thoughts of fans only looking at him as the NBA Slam Dunk Champion. Zach LaVine has become a better scorer since joining the Bulls and would bring a good boost to the Mavericks on both ends.

Picture a no look alley-oop pass from Luka Doncic being slammed down by Zach LaVine on a back door cut. That sounds like money and wins. Being the main guy in Chicago, LaVine has learned how to take the big shot and that’s valuable on a team like Dallas.

He has also learned how to lead a team as a leader and not just as a scorer. If the Dallas Mavericks were to land Zach LaVine they would be getting a big boost at the shooting guard position. With his length and size, LaVine could be moved to small forward and Tim Hardaway Jr could stay at shooting guard.

With all the improvements on both ends of the floor that Zach LaVine has made, it makes him a good player for the Dallas Mavericks to pursue before the trade deadline.