Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft: Dak Prescott unsigned and tagged

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Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft

Round 6, Pick 188

CB Shakur Brown

5-foot-11, 190 lbs

Moving into the last two rounds of the draft we’re just trying to find players. And Shakur Brown is a player. Frankly, I’m not sure why he’s rated so low on draft boards because Brown is a talented cornerback with strong balls skills.


In 490 snaps, he took 114 inside at the slot. He could be the second version of Anthony Brown in many ways with his position flex and match-up ability. When targeted last season, he only gave up a passer rating of 52.4.

He scores well in both man and zone coverage and is one of the best ball hawks in the draft. On 79 total targets he pulled in 7 interceptions.


Round 6, Pick 222:

SAF Lamont Wade

5-foot-9, 190 lbs

The Dallas Cowboys need to find two safeties in the draft. Especially if they end up moving second year player, Reggie Robinson back to his original position of cornerback. Donovan Wilson will be the starting SS but beyond that we don’t know much.

It would be nice if Dallas signed a veteran who can play free safety and he could compete with Sterns who we drafted at Pick 99, because we don’t see Wade as someone you want back in single high. Wade is best in the box. He’s a fiery playmaker who can man up and blitz. Ideal rotational piece with Donovan Wilson and can even play slot and return kicks.

Round 7, Pick 234:

CB Chris Wilcox

6-foot-2, 190 lbs

The Cowboys already picked up two cornerbacks so they don’t have an overwhelming need to grab a third, but Chris Wilcox is someone who just has too much hidden value to ignore.

Injuries plagued his college career and he never lived u to his potential, But when playing, Wilcox showed he can be a good player and if he can stay healthy in 2021, he could be a legit contributor on an NFL team.


Dallas Cowboys Draft Debrief

In this scenario, the Dallas Cowboys basically admitted defeat and acted proactively when they opted for a QB with their first pick. If Dak isn’t signed by the time the draft rolls around, this is a very real situation that must be faced. They can’t afford to do nothing and get stuck without a franchise QB should Dak leave in 2022.

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At the end of the day, Dallas improved their secondary significantly while also building their D-line depth. They still need free agency to fill in the gaps, and desperately need both of their starting tackles to return in 2021, strong and healthy.