Dallas Cowboys: Will Dak Prescott have to play on the franchise tag again?

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With the 2021 NFL off-season approaching us quickly, the Dallas Cowboys have a lot of questions to answer when it comes to Dak Prescott. Up until now, both sides were unable to come to an agreement on a long-term deal which could lead to Dak playing on the tag once again.

Prescott had a great 2020 NFL season until his season-ending injury, of course. Now the Dallas Cowboys need to consider every option when it comes to Dak Prescott playing quarterback in 2021. Should the Cowboys re-sign him? Definitely, with his performances before the injury he has definitely earned his spot.

The problem the Cowboys run into with signing him to a long-term deal, is that they do not know which Dak they are going to get. Dak suffered a horrific ankle injury that could impact the way he plays quarterback. This is why it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the Dallas Cowboys to have him play under the franchise tag again in 2021.

How do the Dallas Cowboys get Dak Prescott to sign Franchise Tag

In order for the Cowboys to get Dak Prescott to sign another franchise tag they have to bring a positive approach to the meetings. Let Dak know that both parties are in a difficult spot. Neither Dak nor the Cowboys know how his ankle will hold up during a long NFL season.

Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys need to let Dak know that they have all the confidence in the world in his ability. They just need time to see how the injured ankle plays out in 2021. If Dak Prescott returns and plays at the same level as he did before the injury. Then give him the deal he wants.

If Dak does mediocre then offer him what the Cowboys think he’s worth based off his performance. This will be the best way for Dallas to approach Dak Prescott long-term. If you’ll remember, Washington did the same thing with Kirk Cousins before he left and went to Minnesota.

The difference is that Washington did not have full confidence in Cousins’ ability to lead their franchise. Jerry Jones and the Cowboys have full confidence in Dak Prescott, but the unknown of the ankle is they issue. Will Dak be a Cowboy in 2021? This will be a question that both the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott need to answer.

What happens if Dak Prescott leaves for Free Agency?

If Dak Prescott walks away from the Dallas Cowboys to enter the 2021 free agency market. The Cowboys will be sitting in roughly the same position as the Indianapolis Colts. If this were to happen the Cowboys have that number 10 pick in the NFL Draft to find his replacement.

Dallas could go out and sign a veteran quarterback like Ryan Fitzpatrick or bring back Andy Dalton. The Cowboys could take the Miami Dolphins approach. Draft their next franchise quarterback in the 2021 NFL Draft. Start the veteran quarterback to start the season until the rookie is ready to start. Once the rookie is ready slowly transition him into a starter.

Have Dak Prescott sign the Franchise Tag then trade him to a team he chooses

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This would benefit the Dallas Cowboys the most if the two sides cannot agree on a long-term deal. Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott would need to sit down and convince him to sign a franchise tag knowing that he will be traded after signing. Easier said than done, we understand.

Here is the kicker on this option. Dallas tells Dak Prescott to make a list of teams that he can see himself playing for in 2021. Once the Cowboys receive the list they need to get to work to get a deal done.

This benefits both Dak and the Cowboys. Dak Prescott will pick where he gets to land in the trade and the Cowboys get something in return without losing him for nothing. With all the teams that are looking for their next franchise quarterback. Dallas can wait until draft night to trade Dak to either trade up or get more draft capital later.

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There are no certainties in this situation and plenty of possibilities and none of them involve Dak leaving for nothing this year. What’s your preferred course of action?

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