Dallas Cowboys: Assessing Their 2021 Offseason Needs

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The 2020 version of the Dallas Cowboys did not go as planned, even in the slightest. The team started slow and just when it looked like they could turn a corner, Dak Prescott went down and all hope for the rest of the season went with it.

Injuries loomed over the team from the start, free-agent misses plagued the roster, and a new coaching staff was left fumbling around looking for answers. To say it in the nicest way, 2020 was putrid for the Dallas Cowboys.

Now we march toward the 2021 season starts and we look at what the team needs before the season kicks off.

Today we discuss the things the Dallas Cowboys must do this offseason

The obvious place to start is the team needs to sign their franchise QB, Dak Prescott. Prescott gives the Dallas Cowboys a chance to win, even in games the team has no business winning. The Cowboys are a better team with Prescott at the helm and that is first and foremost for the offseason. Let’s assume they do the right thing and lock up their quarterback and look at the rest of the team.

So with the Super Bowl now over we can now fully focus on the offseason for the Dallas Cowboys. Here is a current list of the needs the team has to include depth.