Dallas Cowboys: Three Free Agent Players to target in 2021

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Who the Dallas Cowboys need at Safety

Anthony Harris, Safety, Minnesota Vikings

Before the beginning of the 2020 season,  Anthony Harris was a top-5 safety in the league, and PFF (Pro-Football-Focus) graded Harris 91.1 out of 100. According to PFF, Harris graded out as the highest graded safety in the league in 2019.

Harris had a less than stellar year in 2020, a year that the Vikings gave him the franchise tag. But that was an outlier and no one expects another underperforming season from Harris.

Harris is set to become a free agent this March if the two sides can’t come to a long-term contract. If that happens, Dallas should go after Harris because he’s attainable, effective, a good pairing to go with Donovan Wilson. Keep in mind,  PFF still has Harris ranked as the seventh best free agent in 2021-despite his down year.

In 2020, Harris recorded 81 tackles, 28 assisted tackles, zero interceptions, 28 targets (tied 52nd), and allowed 15 receptions (ranked 66th). PFF gave Harris an overall grade of 66. 2, way down from his 91.1 in 2019.

But numbers don’t always tell the whole story because different variables take place in a contact sport like football. Just watch the tape and you’ll see Harris plays like a man possessed with making tackles and winning football games. There’s a reason the Vikings tagged Harris in the first place.