Dallas Cowboys: Five Free Agent Safeties to Target

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Dallas Cowboys Safety Targets

Marcus Maye

It’s tough to tell if the New York Jets are going to let Marcus Maye hit the market of not. The soon-to-be free agent has been a beast on the backend and one of the main reasons New York felt OK shipping Jamal Adams out to the Pacific Northwest last season (well…those two first round picks didn’t hurt either).

According to Pro Football Focus, over the past two seasons Marcus Maye has rated 4th in coverage grades at the safety position. It’s safe to say a top-5 coverage safety could do wonders in Dallas’ defense next year.

Maye turns 27 next month so he’s just entering his prime. Spotrac estimates he’ll command a contract of roughly 4 yrs/$40 million which puts him in Adrian Amos and LaMarcus Joyner territory. Most will agree, that’s pretty good value for a top safety. I think that’s underestimating his value and since the franchise tag is expected to be above $10 million this year, Maye is nearly gaurenteed to garner more.

Either way, the Jets would be fools to let him go and New York Jets fans like Maye even more than Dallas Cowboys fans.

He’d be a great fit in Dallas’ defense and a good age to invest in, but the fact that Dallas rarely breaks the bank at the safety position, combined with Maye’s value on his current team, makes me think there are too many barriers to overcome to make this work.

If by some chance he does become available, he should be a top target of the Dallas Cowboys.