Dallas Cowboys: Why do fans always side with ownership?

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Dallas cowboys (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys fan base is beyond loyal. They are supportive, rabid and inherently believes it is their divine right to win the Super Bowl. Every. Single. Year.  Never mind the fact Dallas has been one of the least successful franchises over the past 2+ decades.

A prime example is this loyalty (and blind optimism) is how the Dallas Cowboys started the season 2-7, but once the Cowboys started winning again, the fan base thought the Cowboys could win the NFC East and win the Super Bowl.

While the Dallas Cowboys improved in the latter part of the season, I knew better than to believe the Cowboys were Super Bowl bound. But that’s the insane reality of Cowboys Nation and that’s why they’re the one of the best, right?

Sadly the insanity doesn’t stop there. What also stands out as insane and largely unique to America’s Team is their ability to suddenly root against their star players. As soon as contract negotiations start, the fans turn faster than day-old gas station sushi. Favorite player or not, the team always seems to be the good guy and the players always seem to be greedy.

Why do Dallas Cowboys fans always call the millionaire players greedy but not the billionaire owner?

So my question is why do Cowboys’ fans take the side of ownership during contract negotiations instead of the player? And of course, I’m referring to the latest stalemate between franchise quarterback Dak Prescott, Jerry Jones, and his thrifty shopping son, Stephen Jones.

If you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan, you’re either on the side of “Team Dak” or “Team J&S” (Jerry/Stephen). There is no in between on this matter.

On the other hand, the Dallas Cowboys fan base need to explain why they are taking the side of an ownership group that hasn’t proven anything in over a  quarter of a century but broken promises and mediocrity at best.

But what amazes me is how so many Cowboys fans side with the ownership and are ok with drawing arbitrary lines in the sand. How they’d rather the Joneses buy a new yacht than even think about paying a player market value (or to a contract that stays current with market value like a short-term deal would).

Are you for real? Wow! The audacity of this fan base. My goodness!

There are Dallas Cowboys fans who truly believe that Dak doesn’t deserve that amount of money because he’s hasn’t taken Dallas beyond the second round of the playoffs. Ignoring the fact that teams pay players what they they can achieve and not what they have already achieved.

Others believe you can’t pay a QB above a certain proportion of the cap and still win a Super Bowl. Like downgrading the most important position on the field is somehow a blueprint to success…it’s pure madness!

Dallas Cowboys fans don’t care about market value because they’re drinking the insane kool-aid from ownership.  They are ignoring all the reasons why the market is so high and keeps getting higher. They can’t see how Dak is deserving of all of his money and then some. They even think the Joneses will spend the money on other players if they can save money with Dak. I got news for ya – they won’t. 

First of all, Dallas fans should never take the side of J&S ownership because those two have slept in mediocrity since their Super Bowl heydays of the 1990’s. Luck is the only reason they’ve had decent QB play over the years and even with low salaries they’ve done little to surround their QBs with talent.

They wasted all of Romo’s prime years with average defenses and inconsistent coaches. By the time Romo had an All Pro offensive line and good running back, he was on his last leg .

Another reason to side with players over ownership is ownership’s unwillingness to hire good coaches. They bring in “yes men” they can control. Look, I’m a Mike McCarthy fan, but I felt like Dallas should’ve hired an offensive juggernaut like Kanas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy, or Jacksonville Jaguars new head coach, Urban Meyer, instead.

Thirdly, why side with ownership when the Dallas Cowboys have already had Dak play on a cheap rookie contract? What have they done to build around him?

J&S had the opportunity to pay Dak long before he started shattering franchise and league records. It’s equivalent to buying everything on credit. At some point you have to repay everything you bought on credit. And that’s where the Dallas Cowboys are right now with Dak. They let the interest accumulate and now own more as a result.

With this Dallas Cowboys organization, there is rarely a time to side with them. They have proven time and again they do not have the fan’s interests in mind. You know, like how they allowed one of the best corners in the league to walk in free agency last season.

Or paying Ezekiel Elliott a $90 million contract ($50 million guaranteed) and linebacker Jaylon Smith to an extension. Dallas didn’t have to pay either player, but caved in to Zeke’s holdout, and based off of Zeke’s performance from last season, they’re secretly regretting it.

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And you know they’re regretting it how they’ve handled Dak up until now. 

Since Dak entered the league in 2016, Dak is top-5 in wins, tied for second in game-winning drives, tied for fourth in offensive touchdowns among quarterbacks, thrown for 17,634 yards, 106 touchdowns, 40 interceptions, and has a career passer rating of 97.3.

Those gaudy stats are from a fourth round, project quarterback that is easily a top-5 signal caller in the NFL. Dak the man. Period.

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On the other hand, the Dallas Cowboys fan base needs to explain why they are taking the side of an ownership group that hasn’t proven anything in over a  quarter of a century but broken promises and mediocrity at best.

And if the Jones’s can’t sign Dak to a long-term deal, that’s more proof not to take the ownership’s side. BOOM!

  • Published on 02/18/2021 at 13:00 PM
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