Dallas Cowboys: Trade for Texans cornerback Bradley Roby?

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With so many holes to fill and not enough traditional avenues to fill said holes, the Dallas Cowboys could opt to use the trade market this offseason. NFL trades aren’t uncommon but they aren’t exactly prevalent either. If the Dallas Cowboys are smart, they’ll explore all possible options to improve their team this offseason.

Teams are rebuilding and players are growing in disconnect. And based on salary cap projections, money is tight around the league. It’s the perfect storm for bargain hunters like Dallas.

If Dallas can pounce on another team’s less-than-ideal situation, they could take advantage of someone else’s misfortune and snag a pretty good veteran at a fairly affordable price: The Texans franchise certainly qualify as less-than-ideal and the maligned cornerback Bradley Roby appears to be a good player you can get for a bargain price.

The Dallas Cowboys should inquire about veteran CB Bradley Roby because he may be on the market

The Houston Texans are having the NFL equivalent of an estate sale. The old regime has passed on and the new leadership seeks to sell off the assets and start fresh. Over the past year we’ve seen Houston’s window slam shut and players jumping ship. DeAndre Hopkins and J.J. Watt headline the list and DeShawn Watson may not be far behind.

One player who may also be on the trade block is their top cornerback Bradley Roby. Pro Football Focus recently included Roby on a list of “trades that make sense” based on the Texans volitivity and Roby’s tenuous relationship with them.

If you remember, Bradley Roby and Houston had a bit of a falling out last year. Following an argument with coaches over coverages in Week 9, Roby was told he would not be traveling with the team to Jacksonville. The team confirmed it was not for “injury or illness.”

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Soon after, Roby popped positive on a PED test and was subsequently suspended. A suspension that went unfulfilled in 2020 and will extend to Week 1 of the upcoming season. None of this bodes well for his future on a rebuilding team – one that’s increasingly intolerant of internal distractions.

If he sounds like a bit of a headache, I have to agree. Dan Quinn has a plan for his defense and coverages, and while he certainly mixes things up, he’s not someone we expect to take a ton of suggestions from the class. Roby will have to buy in.

If he does, he should be well worth it. PFF suggested he could be acquired for just a 5th round pick. And his play on the field last year ranked him as the 19th highest graded CB. The soon-to-be 29-year-old from Fort Worth is under contract the next two years on a very team-friendly deal.

Getting a top-25 CB for just a fifth round pick is not the kind of deal that comes around often, but given his situation in Houston, it makes sense why they’d want to cut ties. And at a cost of just $10.25 million this year and $11 million in 2022 (with an easy out in between), he’s more affordable than any starter you’ll typically find on the open market.

Best yet, trading for a veteran keeps you from relying on a rookie in 2021. CBs notoriously struggle their first year in the pros and Dallas likely feels obligated to draft one with their first pick. Brining in a veteran like Roby would give them some wiggle room. He wouldn’t prevent them from drafting a CB early but he wouldn’t prevent them from picking one either.

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It’s all about taking advantage of other teams’ situations. With Houston clearly rebuilding and not apprehensive at all to send off players, the Dallas Cowboys could find the perfect trade partner just down I45.

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