Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft: Trading Gallup and Trading Back

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Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft

Round 4, Pick 115

Ar’Darius Washington, SAF/Slot


The Dallas Cowboys don’t draft short players often, but at this point in the draft, they are bargain hunting and the smurf-like safety from TCU is a true bargain here on Day 3.  Washington is listed as 5-foot-8 but even that I have my doubts. The kid is tiny.

Washington plays big and has play-making skills you can’t teach, which has made him a pet cat to many. I’m not really one of those people. The height is so dramatically short, I have my doubts he can play safety adequately in the NFL.  Players are going to abuse him in contested situations and quarterbacks are going to figure out you only have to throw it high to get the better of him – regardless of how well he’s covering.

BUT, Washington is a beast in the slot and could be one of the best slot CBs in the draft. If I’m the Cowboys I’m drafting him to play both inside slot snaps and deep safety snaps. I’m protecting him from TEs and big slots, but other than that, I’m throwing him against the wall and seeing what sticks.


Washington is smart, tenacious, a leader, and a playmaker. He’s also very little. Everything must be considered when drafting him but at the end of the day his position flex sells it and he’s an exception to Will McClay’s size rules.