Dallas Cowboys Complete 7-Round Mock Draft: Pre-Free Agency Edition

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Dallas Cowboys Round Six 

Khalil Herbert – Running Back – Virginia Tech

Herbert was a name mentioned in one of my prior mocks and here in the sixth he was one of the best players available. Slot corner was the second most picked and wide receiver was again up at the top of the board. Looking at the Cowboys depth chart, running back might be a smart pickup late in the draft in 2021.

Herbert is a one cut and go type running back who can break off yards in chunks. He can run inside or outside and is patient in waiting for the blocking to open up. He protects the ball well and looks to always avoid the big hits. Herbert has good vision and while not the fastest player, he can surprise defenders with how smooth he runs. He will rarely take a negative lay if he can help it and falls forward to gain hidden yards.

It is unknown how well Herbert will do as a receiver as he wasn’t asked to do it much, when asked he looked good, but there will be work to do. While willing to pick up a blitz it is obvious he has development to do in this area. He had some past hamstring issues, but nothing popped up in 2020.

Other picks: Deommodore Lenoir and Jaelon Darden