Dallas Cowboys vs Dak Prescott: Why Jerry Jones loves all of this

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As always, the Dallas Cowboys are making the rounds in the media news cycle. It doesn’t matter what the situation entails when it comes to the Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys are just a newsworthy franchise that the media cannot live without.

And right now the Cowboys actually do have some legitimate drama going on within their organization. And it’s keeping their name in the media cycle like bed bugs at a cheap motel.

In addition to coming off a disappointing 6-10 season with a historically bad defense, the Dallas Cowboys are stuck between signing Dak Prescott to a long-term contract, or risk signing him to another dreadful franchise tag of $37 million dollars. On the tag, they risk losing Dak altogether because they won’t be able to afford to tag him again in 2022, and he knows it.

With the latter situation making all of the headlines, there is one man reaping the benefits of this sensational journalism about his beloved Dallas Cowboys. And that man is Jerry Jones.

Jerry Jones loves keeping the Dallas Cowboys in the news

Ole Jerry is using the latest round of contracts talks with Dak to keep the Cowboys relevant, make Cowboys’ fans take sides, increase Dak’s media presence, and ultimately make as much money as possible in the process.

you can owe the Cowboys relevancy to Jerry hyping up the Cowboy brand like a slick talking oils man (pun intended). Jerry can sell water to a whale and persuade the Devil himself to drink a glass of lemonade.

Like I’ve stated several times before, Jerry is “Mr. Hype-Machine-Personified” when it comes to hyping up the Dallas Cowboys brand. The Cowboys are the most valuable sports franchise on the planet at $5.5 billion dollars thanks to Jerry’s marketing campaign. That’s more than the renowned New York Yankees $5 billion), Los Angeles Lakers ($4.6 billion), and soccer team Real Madrid ($4.24 billion dollars).

Soccer and basketball are the most recognizable played sports in the world, yet the Cowboys are the most valued sports franchise in the entire world. Let that sink in!

To put this into perspective, the Dallas Cowboys haven’t won a Super bowl since 1995, let alone participate in an NFC Championship game. However, the Cowboys are worth more than any football team in the league. In that time span, Tom Brady has played in a whooping 10 Super Bowls and won an amazing seven Lombardi trophies.

But the Dallas Cowboys haven’t come close. Despite the Cowboys 26-year-Super Bowl drought, you can owe the Cowboys relevancy to Jerry hyping up the Cowboy brand like a slick talking oil man (pun intended). Jerry can sell water to a whale and persuade the Devil himself to drink a glass of lemonade.

Jerry has used the Dak negotiations to split Cowboys Nation into a divided house- “ for Dak” or “against Dak”.

Furthermore, the more the media talks about Dallas, the more hyped the NFL becomes about the upcoming season and the need to put the Cowboys in prime time slots. Because when the Dallas Cowboys are playing during prime time, advertisers win. They are spending big bucks with the NFL to advertise their products to millions of viewers. Follow the money trail and it leads back to the Cowboys.

You can thank Jerry for that!

Dallas has the highest rated games, whether they have a winning record or losing record. The best example was the season finale against the New York Giants where Dallas had a slim chance of making the playoffs if they won and the Washington Football Team lost to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Millions tuned in to watch two old rivals fight for a playoff berth with losing records.

Jerry knows Dallas brings in high ratings, and so does the NFL. Imagine how high the ratings will be when Dak returns with all of those offensive weapons! My goodness!

Here is another example of Jerry’s hyped up influence in the sports world. Select any network and you can witness arguments galore about the Dallas Cowboys and Dak’s contract.

Every sports show talks about the pending negotiations between Dak and the Dallas Cowboys ad nauseam. For example, NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky– a self-proclaimed Carson Wentz apologist-believes Dak isn’t worth the rumored $40 million-a-year contract.

Orlovsky has given every reason why Dallas shouldn’t pay Dak his market value, and Orlovsky goes so hard against Dak that you would think the money is  coming out of Orlovsky’s pocket. That dude goes harder than a politician withholding stimulus checks.

Come on man, Dak will hold the temporary title as the league’s highest paid quarterback for a short period of time before another elite signal caller gets paid way more than Dak.

Other sports analyst like Stephen A. Smith, Shannon Sharpe, and Skip Bayless believe Dak should be paid his market value with fair compensation, and these talking heads spend several hours a week discussing this matter. While they’re discussing the Dak topic, they’re definitely dissecting the Cowboys roster trying to figure out if this team will have the necessary pieces to have a successful season in 2021.

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While all of this drama is unfolding on several networks, Jerry is constantly leaking out more contract details to keep the drama brewing like a classic cliffhanger in a soap opera. Not once has Dak and his team came out publicly and said he wanted the reported $40 million dollar, a year contract. Not once!

Fun Fact: As I type this article, I’m watching Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless go back and forth on Dak allegedly wanting to be the second highest paid player behind the great Patrick Mahomes II. You can read more about it from Jane Slater.

And then there are the trade rumors of Russell Wilson for Dak that only add fuels to the fire. Yep, Jerry relishes in it. I’m going to paraphrase Jerry, but he once famously said something like, “Even bad news is good news when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys!”

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Jerry is a marketing genius and knows how to hype up the Dallas Cowboys to keep fans and the media alike interested in America’s Team. It’s another marketing ploy to keep the fans distracted while we forget that it has been almost three decades since the Dallas Cowboys won a Super Bowl.

Let that sink in for a minute before arguing about whether Dak deserves to be the highest player in the NFL.

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