3 things the Dallas Mavericks must do the second-half of the season

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The All-Star break is upon us and Mavs fan have plenty to celebrate. The Dallas Mavericks are officially back in the playoff hunt and Luka Doncic is an all-star all over again. While things seem to be going well for the team, there is still plenty of complications that must be solved.

Let’s take a look at the second-half of the NBA season and examine how Dallas can improve upon the first-half of the season.

Here are 3 things the Dallas Mavericks must do

We start with the most glamourous…

1. Trade!! Trade!! Trade!!

With the NBA All-Star break in effect, that can only mean one thing: the trade deadline is upon us. While it is unsure if the Dallas Mavericks will make a trade , the clear answer is they need to. Recently the team was linked to Pelicans guard J.J. Reddick.

While he would be a tremendous asset to a club struggling from the arc, there are other areas that must be address. Rebounding has been the biggest cactus this season. There is a alternative however: trade for a big men.

Teams like the Spurs and Cavaliers have detailed interested in getting rid of current players like Lamarcus Aldridge and Andre Drummond. If Dallas wants to make a playoff run they must bring in veteran talent ready to make a difference. The trade is the top way to go.

2. Hardaway the six man?

Another solution to the second half of the season is the role of Tim Hardaway as six-man. In his most recent game off the bench, the Mavs guard had a delightful evening. Against the Thunder, Hardaway Jr. shot 40 percent, made two threes and combined for 19 points. This does not include the two assists and six rebounds he tallied in.

Since his emergence from the bench, the team has gone 10-4. The last time the guard did not start dates back to late January. Hardaway has been a key factor in the team’s winning percentage. In the month of February, he only had one game where he scored below double-digits. His best game came a week ago against the Grizzlies, where he had 29 points in 28 minutes and shot 64 percent from the field.

As six-man for the Mavs, Hardaway is averaging 16.5 points, shooting 45.4 percent and combining for just under 40 percent from the arc. Why change things now? Keep going with the flow.

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3. What about Kristaps Porzingis?

One final area the team must work is their European big-man. There is no question Luka Doncic is the general for the team, beyond the team must decide is KP is the man at number two? If Dallas believes in their 7’3 star they must make it be known to him that the job is his to lose. The word around town is the Mavericks have their sidekick to Luka.

Now Porzingis must continue to show that he is the man for the job and the town of Dallas must to show support. We have seen the wonders of having Luka and KP together, now visualize that for another 10 plus years.

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The Dallas Mavericks have done an excellent job rebounding the first-half of their season. Now, the team must look ahead to the next half of the season and make a couple of minor changes if they want to continue being successful.

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