Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft: Trading up for a Quarterback

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All possibilities must be explored. Each week we try to run through a new mock draft scenario and this Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft is certainly no exception. Since the Dak Prescott contract situation remains an on-going and unresolved issue, we make Dak the focus of today’s mock draft.

Do we hate Dak Prescott? Do we not think the Dallas Cowboys should do everything within their power to re-sign him? Do we deny the existence of ever-inflating QB market prices?

The answer to all of these questions is “No.”

The Dallas Cowboys need to re-sign Dak Prescott. Yesterday. But they haven’t and if we’re being honest with ourselves, they may never. And we cannot roll into draft weekend without the situation properly resolved.

In this Dallas Cowboys 7-round mock draft we trade Dak Prescott away and trade up for a new QB

If Dak is still only hanging on by the franchise tag come what draft day, the Dallas Cowboys need to seriously consider moving up in the draft to replace him as QB1. They also need to consider trading Prescott while they can get something for him. The moment the draft ends, Dak’s market cuts in half, so the Cowboys need to get their ducks in a row long before the first pick is made.

As always, we utilize The Draft Network for their player rankings and simulator. We also use Dan Brugler’s work at The Athletic for scouting reports, team needs, and mock drafts.

Let’s go replace our quarterback, shall we?

In the first round the Dallas Cowboys trade their trade their 2021 first round pick and their 2022 first round pick to Atlanta for the 4th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft

After last-ditch efforts to sign Dak on the eve of the draft, the Dallas Cowboys discuss a deal with Atlanta. Recent reports say Atlanta is uninterested in cutting or trading Matt Ryan and/or Julio Jones. While that doesn’t prevent them from drafting and grooming a QB of the future, it opens possibilities they are going to try to make the old guard work one more time.

I fully expect quarterback to go one-two-three in the draft this year. Teams will be moving and shaking their way to the top, and chances are good four will go in the top-5. In this scenario, Justin Fields is QB4 (I think that’s a mistake BTW), but it could really be Zach Wilson or Trey Lance just as easily. And regardless of who it is specifically, the Dallas Cowboys should be interested.

Dallas Cowboys Round 1, Pick 4

Justin Fields, QB

Ohio State

With no long-term deal in place, Dak’s days in Dallas are officially numbered. The odds of signing him drop significantly after the draft so the Dallas Cowboys must find a way to reload at the QB position. Having a top-10 pick is an advantage they don’t often have, and this may be their best shot at getting a franchise QB in quite some time.

There are a handful of teams who look willing to trade down this year and if it’s not Atlanta it could be Cincinnati or Detroit.

With this pick the Dallas Cowboys find a multi-tooled, durable, seasoned performer. Fields has big game experience, he’s loved by his teammates, and he can make all of the throws. He’s not without concerns, but he has a much higher floor than either Wilson or Lance so he’s well worth trading up for (but again, I’d consider trading up for any of the three if Dak is still unsigned).

Justin Fields can win right away in Dallas, assuming their O-line situation pans out and the defense continues to progress. This move could save the franchise.

But what to do with Dak Prescott…