Dallas Cowboys: The stage is set for Dallas to have their dream offseason

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For the first time in three offseasons, the Dallas Cowboys have their business affairs in order heading into free agency. In 2019 it was the contract situation with DeMarcus Lawrence. In 2020 it was Amari Cooper and Dak Prescott they were juggling.

It appeared we were in for more of the same here in 2021, but seemingly out of the blue, the Dallas Cowboys came to an agreement with Dak Prescott and now enter free agency in unfamiliar territory.

The Dallas Cowboys have the money, resources, and opportunity to have a huge offseason

For the first time in years, the Dallas Cowboys are positioned to be players in free agency. They have their cornerstone pieces signed, they have cap room, and they have a deep talent pool to pick from. They also hold 10 picks in the upcoming NFL Draft, which includes a top-10 pick.

They are a few simple accounting maneuvers away from freeing up significant cash for free agency. Which is good because they need to make some significant upgrades to the starting defense: most notably at defensive tackle and safety.

Oddly, working in their favor is the current state of affairs in the NFL. COVID wreaked havoc on team financials, causing a drop in revenue everywhere and leading to a drop in the salary cap. As such, many teams are scrambling to cut costs and let go of players they otherwise wouldn’t. This has caused glut of talent to hit the market at a time teams can’t afford to spend much.

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Dallas is in position to be the big fish in the small pond. They have money at their disposal and dozens of players to pick from. They could outbid other teams in order to secure their dream free agent. Or they can play Stephen Jones’ favorite waiting game and bargain hunt after the initial frenzy subsides. Heck, they could do both (which frankly, is what I recommend).

This takes us to the NFL Draft in April. With Dak Prescott locked up, the Dallas Cowboys now have a clear picture of what the future holds. If they handle business in free agency they can be major players in the draft – drafting talent rather than for need.

As we’ve discussed before, the NFC East is an absolute mess right now and the playoff window is wide open for the Dallas Cowboys. Philly is salary shedding. Washington’s roster is lopsided. And New York is rebuilding. Most importantly, none of them have a franchise QB.

Now that Dak Prescott is signed, everything else can fall into place. Will it? We’ll have to wait and see, but this is shaping up to be the ideal scenario for the Cowboys and if handled correctly, this could be a dream offseason for the Dallas Cowboys

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Everything is falling into place.

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