Dallas Cowboys Draft: 7 different cornerbacks in 7 different rounds

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Cameron Bynum, CB, CaliforniaMandatory Credit: Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports
Cameron Bynum, CB, CaliforniaMandatory Credit: Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports /

Camryn Bynum, California

Value: Excellent

Bynum was definitely not a name I was expecting this late in the mock draft. The cornerback was solid player who’s been incredibly productive in four years as a starter for the Cal Golden Bears. I felt given his production it made sense to draft him here, but if the Cowboys were to do so they’d likely run into a problem similar to one they just let leave in free agency.

Bynum is 6-feet, 200 pounds but has sub-31 inch arms. That body type is incredibly similar to… Chidobe Awuzie. Even though both players display solid play strength and above average explosiveness (in the case of Awuzie, very good explosiveness), their frame, instincts, and athletic ability are likely to translate to a defense willing to play more off coverage.

However, unlike Awuzie, I’m grabbing Bynum in the fifth round. If Bynum were as good as Awuzie in his time here, the Cowboys would likely be praised for their evaluation ability as to whatever is happening now with Awuzie in Cincinnati.

So what makes Bynum a good prospect? His instincts are very good. He displays good instincts in man coverage to read the receiver’s hips and good instincts in zone coverage read the quarterback’s eyes and overlap routes in his deep third of the field.

His coverage ability is definitely above average displaying solid ball skills that have led to 6 interceptions and 28 pass deflections in 42 games. Bynum is also a very good tackler for his position tackling ball carriers 184 total times, eight times being for loss.

How does Bynum fall this far? Scouts perceive he only possesses average foot speed. Because of his shorter arms, he can struggle to deal with the contact of good sized receivers who can use their arms to maintain separation and beat him to the catch point. The Cowboys unfortunately saw that a lot with Awuzie and I’m sure would prefer that not happen consistently again.

If Bynum were available this late in the draft, the Cowboys would likely have some interest. It just becomes a question about how much the front office is willing to sacrifice having a press coverage cornerback in the name of a good off coverage cornerback… again?