Dallas Cowboys: Cornerback trade options remain

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The Dallas Cowboys have yet to address their starting cornerback position. Even with Jourdan Lewis re-signed, there’s still a massive hole opposite Trevon Diggs on the boundary. While many assume Dallas is planning to address this with the upcoming draft, other options exist.

Richard Sherman and Casey Hayward are the last big names on the free agent market, but there are also options on the trade market if Dallas is willing to deal some mid round picks…

There are two notable cornerbacks, possibly on the trade market, who could interest the Dallas Cowboys.

If the Dallas Cowboys want to avoid the negotiation process, they may be inclined to trade for a cornerback already under contract. And based on some statements and behavior over the past year, there’s reason to believe a couple well known and highly regarded talents can be had for fairly cheap.

Dallas Cowboys Trade Option 1: Stephon Gilmore


The Patriots openly shopped Stephon Gilmore last year before the deadline. Entering the last year on his deal, Gilmore seeks a new extension and so far the Pats have been hesitant to give him one.

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In Pro Football Focus’ “Trades that make sense” article this year, they listed Gilmore as a trade candidate with a value of a third round pick. His down season in 2020 combined with his expiring contract and age (30) diminish the value of a player who’s essentially been the top CB in the game over the past few years.

Gilmore is tailor made for the Dallas Cowboys scheme since the bulk of his time in New England he was playing on an island in their single high scheme. He’s a player who’s technically sound and isn’t going to crumble as his speed inevitably erodes.

He’s spoken recently of his willingness to work things out with the Pats and sign an extension but all he’s heard back are crickets. Even on a one-year expiring deal Gilmore would be well worth a third rounder.

Dallas Cowboys Trade Option 2: Stephon Gilmore


While there’s been confirmed talk about Stephon Gilmore’s trade availably, there hasn’t been regarding the Texans CB1, Bradley Roby. But there’s plenty of smoke around Roby and he’s another guy PFF listed on their “trades” article earlier in the offseason.

Roby is coming off a PED suspension (in fact, he still has one game to serve) and has been publicly feuding with the franchise since last year. The team has been in turmoil for over a year and probably won’t be competitive anytime soon, regardless of how the Deshaun Watson situation unfolds. So it makes sense for them to trade their disgruntled CB.

Estimated to be worth just a 5th round pick, I’d do this yesterday if I were the Dallas Cowboys. He doesn’t prevent them from pursuing other CBs in the draft, and he’s locked in for fairly cheap the next couple seasons.

Trading a couple unknown commodities, like draft picks, for proven entities, makes perfect sense for a team that’s ready to win now. It also frees up the Cowboys to act aggressively and draft the BPA this April.

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What do you want the Cowboys to do to address their open cornerbacks position?

  • Published on 03/31/2021 at 12:06 PM
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