Dallas Cowboys Draft: 7 Wide Receivers for 7 Rounds

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Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
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The NFL Draft is less than two weeks away so, naturally, I have to bring the heat with another 7 round positional mock draft. This week, we are mocking the incredibly deep wide receiver class. The Dallas Cowboys have three starting receivers and two reserve pieces they re-signed to one-year contracts this offseason. Why focus on a position that is incredibly deep for the team?

The often talked about contract extension of now fourth-year wide receiver Michael Gallup is the biggest reason why. Gallup is one of the best wide receivers from his draft class and will likely command over $12 million in annual average salary; this would likely price himself out of the Cowboys market.

The organization recognizes how good he is and would definitely value his consistency, but how much can a team invest in their offense before their defense completely crumbles if it hasn’t already.

Today we look at seven rounds of seven different receivers for the Dallas Cowboys

Add in that wide receivers Noah Brown and Cedric Wilson have been used sparingly as receivers and now there is a need for a receiver in this draft. Word on the block is that the 2021 wide receiver class is incredibly deep like the 2020 class; this would be a true statement. So by the same account, could the Cowboys find their starting outside receiver for years to come on Day 2 or possibly later?

The team is currently in a good position with their wide receiver corps, and if they were to draft one early on, would likely struggle to get said pick enough target share to back up the selection in year one. However, if it wasn’t clear above, this selection is for the future when Gallup, Brown, and Wilson are set to reach free agency.

It is now T-minus 13 days before the NFL Draft so we shall start another 7 Rounds of a Certain Position.

The point of these, as always, is to gauge the value of the prospects in each round. With wide receivers, there isn’t a set round to draft one depending on value. The best ones often thrive because they are a good scheme fit and have ample opportunity to showcase their ability. Last season we saw Justin Jefferson, CeeDee Lamb, and Michael Pittman Jr receive ample opportunity and they showcased their ability on numerous occasions.

This year we’re using Pro Football Networks draft simulator. No picks will be traded. This would largely defeat the purpose of this article. With the number of picks the team has, they can likely find their guy at any point in the draft. Think of this as a mock draft of wide receivers.

Let’s go!