Dallas Cowboys Draft: Five Second Round Options at Cornerback

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Dallas Cowboys CB possibility No.4

Tyson Campbell


Tyson Campbell looked like a possible 1st round pick when the season ended. The highly-regarded prospect from Georgia was a five-star recruit and has long been the big name in the Georgia secondary.

At 6-foot-1, 193 lbs, and 4.36 speed, Campbell is the total package. He’s long, fast, and athletic. Like Melifonwu, he’s built for this. But something always seems off. And as scouts dug into the film, Campbell’s stock started to fall.

He was an inconsistent performer who ended his college career on a sour note last season (gave up 5 TDs and allowed a 76% completion percentage when targeted). Players like Samuel and Surtain who play with a natural feel for the game, but Campbell appears to be going through the motions sometimes.

If you built the perfect CB with a range of ability that could fit any coverage and system in the NFL, Campbell is pretty much what you’d get. He plays a little raw and still needs to develop, but his ceiling is sky-high if you can ever get him to reach his physical potential.

But the flip side is he should be better than he is given his ability. He hasn’t developed year over year and may never get that necessary feel for the game. But then again, given his size, he’ll be somewhat effective even if he doesn’t.

Campbell’s a tough player to slot because he looks better on paper than on film. That doesn’t make him someone to avoid, just someone to be careful about. My advice: talk to Georgia fans about him.