Dallas Cowboys Final 7-Round Mock Draft: Prediction and Dream Scenario

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The Dallas Cowboys Round 5, Pick 179

Prediction: Jaelon Darden, WR

Local prospect and Cowboys Nation fan favorite, Jaelon Darden, gets the call here. For years we’ve been trying to get the Dallas Cowboys to draft a fun playmaker to reclaim the role of Dwyane Harris, Lucky Whitehead, and Tavon Austin. And here’s why…

The WR5 gadget player adds another layer to the Cowboys offense. Even with just a couple touches per game, the motion, the horizontal play, and the threat, stretch the field take the offense to a new level. Darden can be that missing web back for Dallas and more. He makes plays down the field and wins as a route runner. He’s a threat that demands extra attention and can contribute on special teams as well.

Dallas Cowboys Dream Scenario Round 5, Pick 179

Realistic Dream Pick: Elerson Smith, DE

We have yet to address the defensive end spot, so that’s where I’m turning my attention now. Elerson Smith is one of my favorite Day 3 prospects in the class. Standing 6-foot-6 252 lbs, with a 83-inch wingspan, he’s  a long and lean edge player who has true sleeper status.

Smith has explosion and bend off the edge. He has good hands and is a force outside and stunting inside through the B gap. Obviously he’s light and disruptable and he lacks the functional strength to win if a lineman gets his hands on him. But he’s a hard worker in the weight room and should be able to add to his impressive frame.