2021 NFL Draft – Dallas Cowboys Draft Grades: The good, the bad, the ugly

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The 2021 NFL Draft didn’t exactly go as expected for the Dallas Cowboys. Players the team targeted were repeatedly stolen in front of them. And the players Dallas ultimately settled on were controversial, to say the least.

While no true grade can be given for another two to three years, we can assess value, current needs, roster situation, risk, and potential here right away.

We take a look at the 2021 NFL Draft class and grade the Dallas Cowboys’ haul

Some are sure to be upset by such premature determinations, but these are anything but final. The players selected this weekend will be constantly scrutinized and evaluated throughout their Dallas Cowboys careers. This grade is but a starting point – a snapshot in time – and shouldn’t be seen as a final verdict.

If last year was an A based on value, needs, potential, and analytics, this year is suffers for all the same reasons.

It’s also important we all keep open minds throughout their careers. Just because someone is a terrible pick today, doesn’t mean he’s destined to be a terrible player. All we can do is grade the information we have today. Tomorrow, there will be new information to grade.

So let’s get started shall we? Grading in reverse order, here are your Dallas Cowboys grades from the 2021 NFL Draft…

Pick 238: Matt Farniok, OL

Seventh round picks don’t carry much weight. The chances of them making final rosters on bad teams is low and the chances of them making the rosters on good teams is even lower. So the chances of a seventh round offensive lineman making the Dallas Cowboys is pretty low no matter who he is.

Despite that, Matt Franiok is a fine pick. He’s a two time team team captain with high character and leadership traits. He can play tackle, guard, and center – pretty ideal as a practice squad stash player. Did we mention he graded well in his athletic traits?

Initial Grade: C

Pick 227: Israel Mukuamu, DB

Israel Mukuamu is a specialty player. At 6-foot-4 he’s one of the tallest DBs in the draft class. As can be expected with a man his height, he struggles with his hips and change of direction. But Mukuamu has plus ball skills and great situational coverage.

On any given play, Israel Mukuamu could be terrible or he could be excellent – it all comes down to the situation and the opponent. He can match up with taller stronger receivers and he can play a variety of roles in a variety of different places on the field.

He’s a fun chess piece but not someone who’s ever going to play fulltime. As long as the Dallas Cowboys keep that in mind they’ll be all right. PFF tagged him as a 5th rounder while Dane Brugler said he was a 6th-7th rounder, so it’s safe to say he was drafted appropriately here.

Initial Grade: C

Pick 192: Quinton Bohanna, DT

Falling under the category of “It’s about darn time!” Quinton Bohanna fills an important need on the Dallas Cowboys roster. The massive 2-gapper is a run-stuffer who eats blocks and keeps linebackers behind him clean. He’s exactly what we’ve been asking for for years.

He also represents the last good NT option in this years draft. He offers nothing in the way of pass-rush and will have to earn his way onto the roster. PFF called him a fifth round prospect while Dane pegged him to go in the seventh. So going in the sixth is about right.

Initial Grade: C+