Dallas Cowboys: 3 rookies who will have an immediate impact in ’21

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Dallas Cowboys Rookie No. 3: Micah Parsons, LB

I put Micah Parsons on my short list because Parsons has the ability to come in and wreak havoc right away. In other words, Parsons has the ability to be a day one starter, and it would be wise for Dallas to use Parsons as a pass rusher-a tremendous skillset for any linebacker to have.

I’m not saying Parsons is the next Hall of Fame linebacker like Ray Lewis or Lawrence Taylor, but Parsons has certain traits similar to both HOF’ers (great tackler, communicator, can blitz, and leadership skills) and those traits can carry Dallas’ defense to at least the middle of the pack in the NFL.

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Let’s say Parsons only comes in on passing downs, for example, but he’s tallying up sacks and causing turnovers when he’s on the field.

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That’s a positive stat because anytime Parsons comes on the field his presence is felt and good things happen that benefits both sides of the ball. Look at how that benefits fellow edge rushers Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence and the entire defense. My Gawd!

In conclusion,

Joseph, Cox, and Parsons are all talented and have the ability to do more than just force a timely turnover or sack. This trio might not start this season, but their contributions will be felt more when they hit the field because of the talent they possess-unlike some rookies who look lost and make game-changing mistakes.

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This best way to look at this trio is in basketball terms. It’s like having a trio of highly capable role players coming off the bench in a basketball game scoring points, making stops, and giving the starters a much needed rest.

This trio is more than capable of having the same impact and then some. HELLO!