Dallas Cowboys: Randy Gregory is primed for a career season in 2021

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The Dallas Cowboys have been waiting for this moment for roughly six years. For the first time since they selected defensive end Randy Gregory 60th overall in the 2015 draft, Randy Gregory gets to build on a full offseason of work, on the heels of a solid regular season. It’s the kind of consistency and developmental time he’s only dreamed about since joining the NFL.

The oft-suspended pass-rusher has missed more games than he’s played in as a pro and has never been able to consistently work and develop as a prospect – until now.

Randy Gregory is primed for a breakout season and the Dallas Cowboys recognize that

Playing in 10 games last season, Randy Gregory posted solid, yet unspectacular, numbers in the RDE rotation. But the film showed a player on the cusp. It showed a player with elite explosion and bend around the edge. It showed a guy with long and powerful arms and a skillset that includes counter moves inside. Even his run defense improved in 2020, making him the complete package on the edge.

When Mike McCarthy was asked about Randy Gregory’s play last season and development through the offseason McCarthy offered high praise,

"“When I look at Randy Gregory’s personal evolution I give him two arrows pointing up,” McCarthy said. “I definitely think he can be a premier player for us.”"

The primary pass-rusher in Dan Quinn’s defense typically aligns on the right edge. Gregory’s spot. From Seattle to Atlanta, Quinn uses this RDE a variety of ways. He’ll line him up anywhere from a wide-9 2-point stance, to a traditional 3-point 4-3 edge placement, even as B-gap rusher from behind the line.

Gregory, 6-foot-5, 255 lbs, is perfectly tailored to play all edge roles. Often referred to as the “Leo” position, Gregory can use his special skillset and size to move around and exploit matchups. Think: Bruce Irvin from the Legion of Boom but with more natural athleticism.

This is all shaping up to be a career year for the 28-year-old Gregory. He’s building on a 10-game season in 2020. With a full offseason of work, working into a role that’s well suited for, and playing under a coaching staff that believes in him (unlike Mike Nolan).

Gregory’s likely going to rotate on the edge like he always has. He’s at his best when he’s fresh so I’d suspect players like Terrell Basham, Chauncey Golston, and even Micah Parsons to take some of the edge snaps with him.

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But all indications are he’s going to be the primary pass-rusher from the right and will vastly exceed that paltry 25% snap percentage he had last year. Gregory is a free agent after this season as well, which should motivate him to make the most of this opportunity in 2021. Next year will likely be his best opportunity to cash in on an NFL contract and he knows it. Even though I fully expect him to re-sign in Dallas, that financial carrot on the stick is going to be a motivating factor this year.

Randy Gregory is a supremely talented, he’s in his prime, and in a position to succeed. I don’t just think he’s going to have a career year, but I think he’s going to blow his previous numbers out of the water.

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