Dallas Mavericks: The three P’s key to a successful future

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Looking towards the future here with the Dallas Mavericks, things seem bright for Luka Doncic and company. With an upsetting lost in the first-round, the team must now shift it’s attention to the offseason.

Here are three P’s the team must abide by if they hope to bolster their success to the next level.

As long as the Dallas Mavericks stick to a strategic three-piece plan, then they are headed in a positive direction.

We start with the trickiest…

The importance of patience

A lot of talk lately has about Doncic and his superb play in the playoffs. During the 2021 postseason, the Mavs’ star averaged 35.7 points per game, to go with 10.3 assists and 7.9 rebounds. Many critics believe that his sensational play has lead to a generational waste of talent. However, this may not be the case.

Patience is going to be important for Doncic’s future. If you look at basketball history, some of the greatest players did not reach their first finals until the later half of their career. Just look at his “airness” Michael Jordan.

The Bull’s legend was drafted in 1984 and did not make his first finals appearance until 1991. Same can be said about Lebron James who was selected in 2003, and did not win his first finals until 2012. Luka just wrapped his third third NBA season. Greatness does not happen overnight. Be patience with the future hall of famer and let his resume do the talking.

Persistence will be key in the offseason

Past history has not been so pleasant to the Dallas Mavericks and their pursuit of free agents. However, the team must continue being persistent this offseason. Yes Doncic is a generational talent, nonetheless the Mavs must continue with their pursuit of equipping talent around their star guard. Players like Mike Conley, DeMar DeRozan and Chris Paul all are expected to hit the market this summer. Plus you can’t rule out big men such as Serge Ibaka and Paul Millsap.

One of the reason the Mavs were so successful in 2011, was because of the team’s ability to surround Dirk Nowitzki with former all-stars and high quality veterans. This same strategy will be key to helping Doncic reach the next level of his basketball career.

So plain and simple: spend and spend wisely. I mean who wouldn’t want to play aside a future hall of famer.

The acquisition of a pocket passer is important

Without a doubt, Doncic has proven to a high quality guard in the league. One aspect that may help his game, is if the team attributes their star with a pocket passer. As mention in the paragraph above, their are plenty of stars the team can chase after.

One of the names that pops out is All-Star Chris Paul. While this may be a long shot, there are plenty of other guards the team can target. Other high quality passers include Derrick Rose, Lonzo Ball and Kyle Lowry.

Aside from Doncic, no other player on the team averaged more than two assists per game. This is crucial for a team still looking to find its identity as a squad. Getting a veteran talent is important as it will along the team to spread the ball around and allow them to have Doncic play as a spot up player. Increasing the team’s assist will allow for more shot opportunities and a well-balanced offensive game.

While there are other key aspects the team must center on, these are the big three that will allow the Mavs to head in the right direction.

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The future is bright for Doncic and his squad, it will be up to Marc Cuban and company to set the right pieces.