Dallas Mavericks: 3 Optimal GM/Coaching duos for the Mavs

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Dallas Mavericks GM Coaching Combo No.2

Terry Stotts and Mike Zarren

The Dallas Mavericks may choose to go a completely different direction and shake things up. I mean, they don’t want to purge the system just to make some minor changes, right? The purge is a great time to usher in new blood and try to move in a new direction.

Mike Zarren could be the GM to do that. With the Celtics he helped rebuild the roster to one of the deeper ones in the East. Zarren is a self-proclaimed analytics guy himself and wouldn’t have to be sold on Bob’s and Mark’s direction.

Zarren is a rising star who seems to embrace the new NBA and be perfectly equipped to usher in a new era in Dallas. Building a roster around Luka Doncic is the most important part of the job and it looks like that plays to Zarren’s strengths.

Joining Zarren is Terry Stotts. Stotts was an assistant in Dallas between the 2008 and 2012 seasons. He has championship experience and a relationship with Mark Cuban. We can’t underrate how important it is Mark finds a guy who he can play nice with. This past week has been extremely embarrassing to Mark and something he will no-doubt work to avoid from happening again.

Stotts had success coaching Damian Lillard in Portland the past few seasons and while he’s not the most accomplished of candidates, he comes with a high floor and familiarity. As long as he can buy into the analytics, he could be a nice fitting cog in the Mavs machine.