Dallas Cowboys: 3 possible surprise starters in 2021

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Surprise Dallas Cowboys Starters

Starting Center: Connor McGovern

The guy we all expect to start at center is Tyler Biadasz. The second year man out of Wisconsin has been penciled into that role since the day he was drafted and this offseason he appears to be taking major steps in his development. So much so SportDFW writer Dan Rupport discussed him just yesterday and even I’ve spent time this summer singing the kid’s praises.

But if we’re all being honest, offseason hype is wrong more often than it is right. Every year we hear quotes and regurgitate reports, adding fuel to the fire and unabashedly drinking the kool-aid. It’s not inconceivable to think that’s the case here, once again.

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At the end of the day, Tyler Biadasz was only rated 32nd out of 36 by PFF so he isn’t a clear lock in the middle of the line. Additionally, the Dallas Cowboys have shown the willingness and even desire to get their five best offensive linemen on the field at the same time and have no problem adjusting the positions to do so.

That’s why we could see reserve guard, Connor McGovern, slide inside and take that starting center spot. Some may think McGovern will be challenging “the other Connor”, Connor Williams, for his starting guard spot. But based on last year’s film and grades, McGovern isn’t remotely close to Williams’ level and likely need an act of God to supplant the veteran.

Nope, if McGovern wants to win a starting job in 2021, it’s probably going to have be at center.

If you all remember, Connor McGovern was a former center at Penn State and part of his appeal when Dallas drafted him two years ago was his ability to play multiple spots. He has a track record of success and the size and physicality to get it done.

McGovern’s best spot looks to be guard, but if the Dallas Cowboys want to get their five best O-linemen on the field, they may ask him to move inside if Biadasz struggles.

Dallas Cowboys: Will it happen?

Smart money says none of these things happen and established players win all their respective position battles. But these positions are far from guaranteed and Dallas is blessed with some viable challengers. As such, training camp should be a blast to watch this year since so many fun challengers are champing at the bit to prove themselves.

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What do you think? Do any of these guys have a shot? Ignoring the LB and TE positions, are there any other surprise challengers who could claim starting roles? Let’s discuss!