Dallas Cowboys: Exploring the 3 thinnest and deepest position groups

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Dallas Cowboys position group: Guard

I know before I even get into depth here people will wonder how guard can be listed with Zack Martin on the roster. The answer is Martin is the only thing that is really great about the position group. Connor Williams is the other starting guard and while many feel he is sufficient, there were thoughts he would be replaced this offseason. Looking at the roster after Williams and Martin, there are only two guards listed. Sure, one of the tackles will probably slide inside, but Connor McGovern and rookie Mike Farniok are the only two listed for now.

Martin is no doubt one of the best linemen in the game, but should he go down, the position gets extremely thin. Williams is going to have to show he took another step this season, or he could be replaced next year. This makes guard both volatile and thin. If the Cowboys did not have Martin, then this would probably be the thinnest group on the team and it wouldn’t be close.

The question for this season will be whether the Cowboys can get by with what the have or if this will be a position group they will continue to add to once cuts are made. Some of the tackles on the roster could potentially move, but there are more questions than answers at this point. As long as health holds, this position will be fine, but should there be more than a single injury it could get ugly quickly.