Dallas Cowboys: 2 players the Cowboys should consider trading for

Xavien Howard #25 of. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
Xavien Howard #25 of. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) /

It’s been well documented that the Dallas Cowboys fielded its worst defense in franchise history in 2020. And it was the main reason why the Cowboys went all in on picking defensive players in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Rookie linebackers Micah Parsons and Jabril Cox, will eventually be cornerstones for the Cowboys linebacking corps. And the Cowboys selected promising corners Kelvin Joseph and Nashon Wright to bolster their secondary – probably the weakest link on the entire team.

The Dallas Cowboys need an elite corner to make its defense more than formidable in a pass-happy league

Although the Cowboys appear to have covered all bases when it comes to its defense, there is still room for major improvement. And the only way the Cowboys can fulfill that improvement is by considering a major trade for one of these elite corners.

Stephon Gilmore, CB, New England Patriots

Over the last several seasons, Stephon Gilmore has been a top-2 CB in the NFL, and you can make the case the All Pro corner has been the #1 corner in the league (or at least tied with corner Jalen Ramsey). On his resume, Gilmore has four Pro Bowl appearances, two First-Team, All Pros selections, and was named the 2019 Defensive Player of the Year.

A cornerback winning the Defensive Player of the Year award spells ultra-talented and Hall of Fame worthy! DPY award normally goes to defensive lineman or linebackers,  players that play close to the ball.

Gilmore is an unhappy camper with his current contract and basically wants a new deal for his stellar play. Even though Gilmore will turn 31 on September 19th (a week after the season starts), the All Pro is a prime candidate for Dallas to trade for to shore up its secondary for good.

Paired with up and coming corner Diggs, Dallas would have drastically improved its weakest position to one of its strongest ones. Gilmore can literally cover any wide out in the league and will give opposing wide outs in the NFC East nightmares for an entire season.

Please name one receiver that in the NFC East that Gilmore can’t lock down. I’ll wait.

While Gilmore mans down an opposing team’s WR#1, Diggs will feast on the other team’s WR#2 with ease. Diggs improved in the latter part of his rookie season and will only get better with all of the opportunities given to him because of Gilmore’s presence as a lock down corner.

Gilmore’s presence in the secondary lends itself to a trickledown effect that makes this defense really scary. For example, a risky slot corner, Jourdan Lewis, can play more aggressive with a WR#3/WR#4 and jump routes, and the same goes for fellow corner Anthony Brown.

What makes this possible is that opposing team’s best receivers are being locked down and the quarterback is forced to throw to his third and fourth options. Lewis and Brown knows this strategy all too well. That’s a winning formula for Dallas’ defense, especially it’s secondary.

With Gilmore leading the way the secondary, it helps Dallas’ front four get those coveted “coverage sacks” that ultimately leads directly to a sack/fumble, a forced interception, or the opposing team simply punting because of the sack.

If Dallas wants a younger version of Gilmore, then they should trade for….

Xavien Howard, CB, Miami Dolphins

Just like Gilmore, Howard is unhappy and wants a new contract, and quite frankly, Howard deserves a new deal and Dallas should do whatever in their power to secure his services within reason. Howard can flat out play and his numbers and production thoroughly prove he’s beyond contract worthy. My Gawd!

In 2020, Howard put up All Pro numbers with a 51.5 completion rate, giving up 719 yards, 4 touchdowns, recorded 10 interceptions and 20 PBU (Pass Breakups). That’s what you call an ELITE corner worth trading for. Besides, Howard has 22 interceptions for his career with one touchdown, has gotten better each year, and turns 28 before this season starts.

This man is in his prime!

The same attributes that Gilmore possess, so does Howard, if not more. Howard is not only a skilled coverman, but a true ball-hawk that will snatch the ball as if he’s the receiver. The man has a knack for getting his hands on the ball and that’s what Dallas’ defense needs to go with up and coming Diggs.

Since Howard is disgruntled and wants a new contract, Jerry Jones and (cheap man) Stephen Jones should pull the trigger on a trade within reason for Howard because its a sure way to get Dallas back to at least the NFC Championship game. I know this isn’t the ideal situation for an upgrade, but its definitely considering.

In conclusion,

Firstly, I’m very aware that Dallas  is cash-strapped and are probably by-passing the thought of trading for Gilmore or Howard. However, Jerry and Stephen aren’t dumb and knows how to sweeten the deal for either services with a healthy compensation of draft capital or players.

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I’m going to keep it real simple. For sake of a discussion and argument, lets say Dallas targets Howard. In this scenario, Dallas would offer up wide receiver Michael Gallup, a 2022 first rounder and third rounder.

This gives the Dolphins a legit receiving threat for their young quarterback, Tua Tagoviloa, and two worthy draft picks to continue to improve their young and talented team. In other words, the Dolphins didn’t miss a beat in terms of making positive progress.

Dallas can do the same thing and always point back to the summer of 1992 when then head coach Jimmy Johnson pulled the trigger and traded with the San Francisco 49ers for pass rusher and future Hall of Famer Charles Haley.

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The ultra-talented Haley gave Dallas three Super Bowl wins in the span of four years .I’m not saying Howard or Gilmore will do the the exact same thing as Haley did, but they could at least get the Dallas Cowboys there. Hey, you have to sacrifice something of value to win that illustrious Lombardi trophy. So why waste time Jerry?. Do it now before its too late! BOOM!

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