Texas Rangers: It’s a great time to trade Joey Gallo

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Joey Gallo has been on a tear for the Texas Rangers as of late. The power hitting outfielder has been at the top of his game at the plate. He’s posting the second best batting average of his career and he’s belted home runs in four straight games.

The Texas Rangers, firmly positioned well outside the playoff picture, are expected to be big sellers at the deadline again. With Kyle Gibson as an inevitable trade piece, the Rangers have to take an honest assessment as to how long they plan to rebuild. Because giving up on Gallo will inevitably set them back for next season.

If the Texas Rangers really want to trade Joey Gallo, they should do it during his hot streak.

Under team control through next season, the time to trade Gallo is likely now. Any team that acquires him will have him for a postseason run this year, and next year. Trading him in the offseason wouldn’t offer that same value.

Whether to trade Joey Gallo or not has been a topic of conversation for years now. Is Joey the elite outfielder and homerun hitter we all want him to be? Or is he an exceptional tease – a really good player who will flash greatness but never quite reach it?

How one answers those questions speaks directly to his value on the trade market. One month ago it would have seemed fairly pointless to want to trade Gallo. His numbers were down and his value appeared to be higher on the Texas Rangers than on the trade market. Sure, he’d garner a return, but it wouldn’t be the return worth giving up on him for.

But now things have changed. The same reason you and I want to keep Joey Gallo around and ride this hot streak out is the same reason other teams have a growing interest. If we wait for him to cool off so will his trade return.

10 out of Gallo’s 19 homeruns have been this last month. His surge coincides with MLB’s shift to be more hitter-friendly. Is it a direct causation or more happy coincidence? We’re just not sure yet. It’s a little bit of Skinner’s Box here on whether Joey Gallo is about to be a superstar slugger or not. The value is that it could go either way.

If that question is answered in the affirmative then the value rockets. If he proves he didn’t actually turn the corner then his value plummets. That’s why it makes sense to trade him as an unknown.

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So the timing to trade Joey Gallo has never been better. That doesn’t mean the Texas Rangers should, mind you, just that if they were to trade him, now is the time (And by now I’m referring to this month, not necessarily tonight).

Looking around the league it’s hard not to see the New York Yankees as the top trade partner. They need a left handed bat and outfield help. Heck, they could use a pitcher too, might as well throw Gibson in there to boost the return. New York has the prospects to deal as well.

If Joey Gallo can continue his hot streak a few more weeks, he could yield an absolute massive return.  The kind of return that gets the Texas Rangers positioned best, long-term. But it would be also be potentially giving up on a superstar. It would send the message to fans that the Rangers are still rebuilding and not even attempting to compete next year.

Would I trade him now? Probably not. I don’t think I could live with that kind of regret should Gallo suddenly realize his potential. But if they are going to trade him, doing it during a hot streak amidst these hitter-friendly rule changes is the perfect time to do it.

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What do you think? Should the Rangers deal him while he’s hot or should they ride the season out and see what it looks like?

  • Published on 07/01/2021 at 18:26 PM
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