The Dallas Cowboys forgotten FB: Sewo Olonilua (the multi-tooled talent)

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Lost in the hustle and bustle of the Dallas Cowboys offseason, is the return of a rather unknown, yet potentially pivotal player, in a battle for final roster spots. Sewo Olonilua, the second year ‘back out of TCU had forgettable rookie season. The oft inactive FB was a fringe roster player who served as more injury substitute than as a developing player with a defined role.

But in 2021 the stage is set for him to carve out a small role on the explosive Dallas Cowboys offense. And if he does so, it will probably because of his versatility and unparalleled position flex.

Sewo Olonilua has a chance to be an important player on the Dallas Cowboys offense for multiple reasons…

At 6-foot-3, 232 lbs. Sewo is a well built runner. Largely used as a running back in college, Sewo was a short-yardage beast. His high success rate made him a valuable weapon in high leverage situations. His final season he collected a total of 537 yards and eight touchdowns in his running back committee.

But Dallas doesn’t need a short-yardage running back, per say. Ezekiel Elliott is one of the better short-yardage runners in the league (some recent numbers notwithstanding). If Sewo makes the Dallas Cowboys roster in 2021, surely it will be for something besides short yardage.

That’s were his position flex comes into play. Sewo joined the Cowboys as an undrafted free agent last season because of his ability to play FB. The oversized, yet agile, battering ram could be a special type of lead blocker for Dallas.

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With running skills of his own, along with some decent hands, Sewo could be a nice multi-tooled weapon for Dallas in those 21 personnel looks (2RB formations). In other words, just because he goes on the field doesn’t mean he’s the lead blocker. He could be the runner himself or even a pass target. He’d be a well-rounded player who keeps the defense guessing.

As we first suggested when he came to Dallas last year, Sewo could also project as a H-back for Dallas. He’s shown the ability to block on the move and is big enough to be that FB/TE hybrid Dallas has long been missing.

While Dalton Schultz has shown the ability to serve that role and more, Schultz is also Dallas’ top in-line blocker. Having both players on the active roster would give the Cowboys offense some pretty significant blocking flexibility and allow Kellen Moore to lean on motion more than he’s been able to in the past. As we’ve explained before, motion at the snap is cheat code in today’s NFL and a great way to gain an advantage:

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Sewo Olonilua has the ability to be a short-yardage runner, a lead blocker, a pass-protector, a pass target, and maybe even an H-back for the Dallas Cowboys in 2021. While the Cowboys may not need any single one of those very badly, having one man who can do them all holds significant value when you’re making your final roster.

As one might expect from a fringe roster player, it will likely come down to special teams. How he plays on special teams will go a long way in determining whether he makes it or not. But the most valuable item he brings to the table is his ability to wear so many different hats.

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What do you think Cowboys Nation? Does Sewo Olonilua make the team in 2021?

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