Dallas Mavericks: 4 backcourt free agents for the Mavs

DeMar DeRozan, Shooting Guard Mandatory Credit: Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports
DeMar DeRozan, Shooting Guard Mandatory Credit: Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Phoenix Suns have booked their trip to the NBA finals and the Milwaukee Bucks are one win away from doing the same. Meanwhile, the Dallas Mavericks organization has just hired a new head coach, general manager, and president of basketball operations with Jason Kidd and Nico Harrison.

There are some free agents this years who could have a big impact on the Dallas Mavericks

The team has exactly one month until the free-agent moratorium to get their priorities set and figure out their plan of action for the 2021 free agency cycle. Things need to change after years of seeing the team repeatedly striking out on big-name free agent talent they are looking to pursue. The hiring of a new HC and GM should hopefully translate into a difference, but with concerns that owner Mark Cuban’s voice being too loud in the organization, Dallas might be in for the same old.

Nevertheless, that rarely stops the Mavericks from being linked to some of the best players in each free agency class. This year, the team is already “making a heavy push” at notorious villain Kawhi Leonard. The fit feels perfect and with Leonard’s disgruntled behavior with the Los Angeles Clippers medical staff, there is a very real chance he declines his Player Option or asked to be moved in a sign-and-trade.

While the 2021 free agency class is not as illustrious as it once was, this class provides the team the perfect opportunity to get better and rebuild their reputation during the offseason.

So allow me to interest you in four good players that will likely command solid money this offseason.