Dallas Cowboys 53-man roster prediction (if Dallas plays it safe)

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Dallas Cowboys Defense

Cornerback (7) Trevon Diggs, Anthony Brown, Jourdan Lewis, Kelvin Joseph, Maurice Canady, C.J. Goodwin, Nahshon Wight

The Dallas Cowboys go long here for a reason – the cornerback position is extremely frightening heading into 2021. Contrary to popular belief, the secondary was the biggest weakness of Dallas’ in 2020 and doesn’t look much better here in 2021.

Rookies take time to develop and are usually more liability than asset. That’s why I think the safe play is to go long at CB and move the rookies along slowly. For more on this topic check out the article right here and at the bottom of the page:

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Obviously the veterans Lewis and Brown stick around here. And Joseph gets a spot as well since he’s the most talented of the bunch. Trevon Diggs is the CB1 by default since I don’t see anyone remotely challenging him this year.

C.J. Goodwin is also a lock here because no one can approach his level of play on special teams. Canady get the job for the reasons listed above. He’s a proven veteran who won’t have the same disastrous growing pains that the rookies will have.

Finally, Wright makes the team over Reggie Robinson because Wright was flashing in mini-camp and we still don’t know what the crap we have in Robinson. It pains me to see him go but the odds are this year’s rookie beats out last year’s rookie as the final CB on the roster.

Safety (4) Donovan Wilson, Damontae Kazee, Jayron Kearse, Israel Mukuamu

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The veterans all get jobs here. Wilson is on the cusp of a breakout while Kazee is trying to reclaim some lost glory. Both are making the team in any situation you slice it. Jayron Kearse has played in multiple systems in multiple roles. He’s tall and thick and offers things no one else in the safety room offers physically. He’s the safe play here.

Israel Mukuamu, my pet cat, just makes the cut because he’s a smart player with man coverage versatility and leadership traits. Like Wright, he’s going to be a situational chess piece for the Dallas Cowboys in 2021.

Dallas Cowboys final count: 53

That’s all she wrote. It isn’t exciting playing it safe but when you’re a team on the cusp and favored to win the division, it’s probably the smart play to make.

The best way to do this all isn’t to go aggressively conservative or all-in on potential – it’s finding middle ground and taking calculated risks. In our next 53-man roster prediction (Training camp edition) we’ll find that middle ground.

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Were there safer picks to make? Who would have raised the floor more and offered less risk? Let us know in the comments below!