Dallas Cowboys TE position battle: A deep training camp battle to watch

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Dallas Cowboys Tight End No. 2: Dalton Schultz

Dalton Schultz is a legitimate threat to be a co-starter for a couple reasons: 1) He’s the best blocker on the team 2) He’s a capable pass catcher.

There’s a world were Blake Jarwin takes 60% of the TE1 snaps and Dalton Schultz gets 40% of the TE1 snaps, and it’s not fantasyland. While both guys will clearly share the field in 12 personnel sets (2 TE packages), there’s a good chance they’ll divide some snaps in 1 TE sets as well. I don’t think it will be an even divide between the two but it won’t be dominated by one player (ala the Jason Witten years) like before either.

The top challenger to Blake Jarwin as TE 1 is Blake Jarwin’s knee. Because if Dalton Schultz and Blake are 100 percent, Blake’s the clear starter.

Dalton Schultz appeared to be an adequate tight end last year when thrust into the lead role. He was an above average blocker who could play inline and on the move. He wasn’t a great pass-catcher but he got the job done. He’s not someone you want to be your TE1 but you’re not completely SOL if he is.

With all the unknowns surrounding Jarwin, the Dallas Cowboys are very lucky to have a guy like Dalton Schultz around. At the very least he’s one of the best TE2s in the NFL, and being on the cusp of free agency, he’s going to be extra motivated to perform well in 2021.