Dallas Cowboys: The most important battle to watch in training camp

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Jourdan Lewis, fifth year

In a somewhat shocking turn of events, the Dallas Cowboys re-signed Jourdan Lewis this offseason to a multiyear deal. At no point did it seem like the Cowboys particularly liked Lewis, nor did it seem Lewis was happy being CB4 in Dallas, but the two sides came to an agreement early so we’d assume a bigger role has been laid out.

If Brown locks down the outside spot, Lewis is the clear favorite to take the slot inside. If the rookies surprise us and shine early, Dallas could either replace Lewis with Brown inside, save Brown as outside depth, or just cut Brown altogether.

Smart money tells us Lewis is going to take the most snaps inside this year.

Reggie Robinson, second year

It’s an ugly numbers game for Reggie Robinson II. Last year’s draft darling is going to find himself in a numbers crunch and only strong CB play can get him out of it.

In addition to Diggs, Lewis, and the two rookies being locks, Dallas also has C.J. Goodwin written in permanent ink. Goodwin can’t really play defense but he’s a beast on special teams and team favorite. That’s six cornerbacks (counting Anthony Brown and cutting Canady) likely to make the final roster.

If Robinson makes the team Dallas will have to go seven deep (a rarity) or cut/stash on IR one of the main six. This is a tough situation for Robinson.


As we can see, there are plenty of challengers but no true favorite. Anthony Brown has the inside track but having him outside isn’t optimal. The hope is that the three greenest prospects (K. Joseph, N. Wright, and R. Robinson) thrive in camp and force themselves into big roles. But that certainly shouldn’t be expected.

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This is a somewhat concerning situation here at cornerback. The weakest spot from 2020 potentially got weaker. We need someone to exceed expectations or this could be another tough season for the defense.