Dallas Cowboys: Top-5 training camp battles of 2021

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Dallas Cowboys training camp battle No. 1:


I’m pegging cornerback as the NO. 1 competition to watch for the simple fact that it’s the most important competition. CB was the Dallas’ weakness last season. They gave up far more EPA in coverage than on the ground and enter the 2021 season rated by PFF as the second worst secondary in the NFL.

Last season they were last against WR2s and they didn’t do much to correct that this year. For the full breakdown of the troubling situation check this out: The Cowboys cornerback situation should frighten you

So with CB2 the biggest concern heading into the season, we know very little about the those competing for the spots. Anthony Brown is a familiar face but he’s missed roughly half the games the past two seasons and even when he has been playing, he’s been noticeably hurt. He says he’s all better now and we should see a better player on the field in 2021. But 2018 (his last good season) was a long time ago, do we really expect him to bounce back?

Challenging him are a pair of rookies where even less is known. Kelvin Joseph is one of the most inexperienced cornerback rookies entering the league. He missed most of minicamp so we really have no idea what to expect in camp.

Nahshon Wright has serious question marks about his scheme versatility but he flashed brightly in minicamp. Can he continue that and shock us all or will he be the situational CB we’ve always expected him to be?

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We’ve never seen Maurice Canady play for Dallas yet. What can he offer? We really don’t know. Speaking of don’t know: Reggie Robinson is back to CB this year and we’ve seen nothing from him. We’re clueless as to what he’ll offer.

Even at the top, Trevon Diggs is a mystery. He was one of the worst CBs in the entire NFL in weeks 1-6 but in 7-17 he was one of the best. We expect him to pick up where he left off but that’s a lot of faith.

Top to bottom, CB is the best battle because it’s a) the most important and b) it’s completely unsettled and a total mystery top to bottom.

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Thank goodness Cowboys Camp is back! There are ton of battles to watch this year and some major questions that need answering. Did we miss a battle?