Dallas Mavericks Free Agency Rumors: All in on Kyle Lowry

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In what is clearly a departure from strategies past, the Dallas Mavericks have apparently turned their attention away from superstar long-shots like Kawhi Leonard, and turned towards more attainable star players like Kyle Lowry.

For years the Dallas Mavericks free agency strategy has been to chase the annual crown jewel. And for years they have struck out in achieving that objective. It doesn’t end there, though. Such a strategy has had disastrous trickledown effects on the Mavs free agency as well. While they patiently wait for said superstar to make his decision, they’ve missed out on dozens of excellent Plan Bs in the process.

Thankfully things are changing…

Players want to be wanted and no one wants to feel like a backup option. So focusing on the most attainable upgrade first and foremost, makes sense from a courtship perspective.

The Dallas Mavericks are rumored to be be focused on Kyle Lowry in free agency

Kyle Lowry is prepared to walk away from the franchise he knows and loves to chase a better opportunity. He has strong ties with the organization and isn’t going to walk away for just any team. The Dallas Mavericks would be wise to be first in line if they really are as focused on Lowry as Marc Stein suggests.

Kyle Lowry may be long in the tooth (35) but he’s a great fit for the Mavs. He’s a strong two-way player who can score, distribute, and defend. He’s a well respected veteran who would immediately be a leader on the Dallas Mavericks.

Lowry would be the No. 2 option on offense and would take some of the burden off of Luka Doncic’s shoulders without stealing opportunities. If the Mavs can swing it and sign both Lowry AND Tim Hardaway Jr. (they will need to clear space), they would instantly become title contenders.

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As things stand now, Dallas is absolutely relying on Kristaps Porzingis bouncing back from a poor playoff series. But if they add Lowry and retain Hardaway, the pressure would be off KP. And as Lorenzo Almanza pointed out, KP’s “poor” 2020-2021 season was greatly exaggerated and he really played pretty well considering Rick Carlisle basically gave up on him.

The strategy seems sound with their new player-friendly coach and GM in place. The Mavs have a chance to change their reputation in the NBA by actually signing a player they target. A more realistic target doesn’t mean the signing is a foregone conclusion, though. Half-a-dozen teams are going to be interested in Lowry and it will likely be a bidding war.

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Dallas Mavericks rumors are back!

  • Published on 07/28/2021 at 16:01 PM
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