Dallas Cowboys: 4 breakout players to re-sign before it’s too late

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Everyone knows you want to sign players BEFORE they produce career years. Buying before the value peaks saves money and maximizes returns. For a professional football team like the Dallas Cowboys, buying early could pay off enormously if the prognostication is accurate, or prove to be financially deadly if it misses.

For as much as we joke about the salary cap being fake news, it’s an illusion the Dallas Cowboys choose to live by (Stephen Jones doesn’t want to squander his inheritance after all). So a dollar wasted today is a dollar we don’t get to play with tomorrow.

If the Dallas Cowboys are smart, they’d consider re-signing these players before their value rises too high…

That’s why the Cowboys must be savvy with their resources and not do dumb things. You know, like re-sign a running back to a market setting deal two years before they have to. Or re-sign a linebacker coming off one good season to a multiyear mega deal even though he’s permanently physically inhibited. Orrrr… you get the point (said with a wink).

Sign the wrong player and it can blow up in your face like the totally nonspecific examples above. But wait too long and you could see the cost of doing business go through the roof (look no further than the handling of Dak Prescott’s contract).

Today we highlight four players who are set to breakout this season AND set to hit free agency. Locking them up before they post career seasons could save millions. But it also opens Dallas up to a lot of risk if said player never reaches the expectations paid for.

Dalton Schultz, TE

Age: 25

This is something we discussed just a few day ago. Dalton Schultz is flashing in camp. He was already a good blocker but he looks like he might be developing into a decent pass-catcher as well. If the Cowboys want to secure his services they should do so sooner rather than later.

Blake Jarwin isn’t going anywhere. He’s a redzone beast and he’s uncuttable based on his contract. So Schultz has to be getting nervous about the idea of splitting snaps (or worse) in this, his contract season. If Schultz wants to secure the bag now, he may be inclined to take money before he breaks out. For more, check out the full discussion linked here. But signing Schultz to a modest extension may be the smart move, even if he projects as an average starter in the NFL.