Dallas Cowboys: 4 breakout players to re-sign before it’s too late

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Players the Dallas Cowboys should re-sign

Cedrick Wilson, WR

Age: 25

While everyone was expecting me to list Michael Gallup, I’m going to veer right and take you a different direction. Do I think Cedrick Wilson is better than Gallup? Heck no. It’s because I think the cost of re-signing each makes this option more feasible in the long run.

First let’s explain the Gallup situation: Everyone, including Gallup and his agent, is expecting a career year from the soon-to-be free agent. He’s not going to be cheap to re-sign, even if Dallas does so proactively. And doing so may force some tough decisions with Amari Cooper after the season. I’m not exactly breaking news to say Coop is in a completely different class than Gallup. So by committing to Gallup now, I’m indirectly cutting Coop next year. Either that or I just have no interest in ever making the defense better.

Since I want to invest more money into the defense next offseason, I don’t want to pay elite money to my third best WR. I’d much rather invest modestly in a plug and play guy like Cedrick who just needs an opportunity.

Wilson can play all three WR spots but his best is without a doubt slot. If I have to pick the set-up for 2022, I’m putting CeeDee Lamb at X, Amari at Z, and Wilson in the slot. No, Wilson hasn’t done much to prove he’s worth an extension (even a modest one), but in his limited chances he’s excelled and as one of the smartest WRs on the team, he should be able to easily handle the nuance of the slot position for the foreseeable future.

…And you can save about $10 million per season signing him and that money can go directly to the defense.